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GoPro: capturing your adventures on the go

01 November 2015 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Athletes

Capture sport and outdoor footage with your GoPro

Have you ever wished you could capture those action-packed moments without relying on corny selfies or badly filmed attempts that lack clarity? The adventurer in you needs a device that is light-weight, rugged and wearable; able to brace the elements to capture the memory of some of your greatest feats. It’s about time you Instagram yourself taking that drop from the crest of the wave to the pit, taking that deep dive into the depths of the ocean, bungee jumping, taking on that halfpipe... Let it rip and capture all the action with your GoPro HERO.

Every extreme deserves to be captured! Share your adrenaline rush like never before. Take imaging and video capture to another level. The powerful device is made to capture the experience in action. It packs punch with advanced features and innovative accessories that make video capture an immersive experience that knows no bounds. It’s the perfect device for an African explorer - whether you are boarding the dunes of the Kalahari, shark diving in Gansbaai or getting up close and personal with crocs in Oudtshoorn; this one for you!

Record the adventure of a lifetime today.

Intelligent design goes pro

The GoPro HERO range from the 3 up to its latest version features 3 fixed lens cameras that range from 5-12 MP cameras. The Black Edition is a 12MP shooter while the Silver edition has an 11MP camera and the White Edition carries 5 MP shooting capability. Each device is contained in a clear housing with a glass lens that is both shockproof and waterproof for up to 60 metres. The housing is specially designed; it consists of a quick release top and bottom that is made specifically to connect various GoPro mounts that enable you to take amazing videos of all kinds of action. The housing has metal buttons that are synced to connect with camera controls.

The GoPro HERO continues to get an upgrades

All your favourite features have been upgraded in a device that is smaller and lighter than its big brother the GoPro Hero. The new device gives you 30% more battery life, makes the most of connectivity with 4 times faster WiFi, a sharper lens for better image clarity, as well as better audio and new features. The very best of GoPro, the HERO series is compatible with all GoPro mounts and accessories.

Super view your adventure

A crystal clear image is worth a thousand words. Capture stunning 12MP stills with your GoPro, it’s the ultimate camera for fast-action sequences. This device enables you to take images in Time Lapse mode, as a continuous photoshoot, in upside down mode and in bursts. It is the best selling camera in the world for a reason; this device takes high-resolution videos at a high frame rate, with a range of video modes that result in liquid smooth slow-motion playback and footage of a professional quality.

The quality of the footage is enhanced by SuperView; a new video mode that captures footage from a wide angle perspective. Get the full view of your experience in one shot. The Auto Low Light Mode automatically changes the frame rate based on lighting conditions, never worry about dim footage again. Exceptional audio gets a boost with advanced wind-noise reduction, providing the clearest sound during high-speed activities.

GoPro applied

GoPro gets connected with an awesome app suite that makes posting to all your favourite social networks such as Facebook and Instagram a breeze, don’t stop there: email, text and share the experience. This app takes your GoPro where no GoPro has gone before; access your device remotely to control all camera functions and get live previews for easy shot framing.

Max up the experience

Accessorise your GoPro with mount attachments, a backdoor housing to make your GoPro float on water or an extra cool housing that combines two HD cameras in a single housing to record 3D videos.

I would highly recommend you check out a vast assortment of accessories that maximise the potential of your GoPro and try to stay clear of buying too many 3rd party accessories, they may be cheaper but it could cost you big time in the long run with damage to your prized GoPro.

Once you're fully equipped and ready to go, always remember to pack it with you. Wherever you go, don’t forget your GoPro; and turn-taking videos or documenting your day into a more interesting and fun activity.

A word from a Pro

Do you own a GoPro? How do you use yours? What is the accesory you can't live without? Drop us a line and tell us about your favourite adventure recording and how a GoPro of your own has enhanced your sporting or adventure experiences. 

Live your action adventure

Looking for adventure? Find a sports & recreation club near you and give yourself a great excuse to break out the GoPro and try some of your newly acquired skills. 

Tags: sport, photography, videography

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