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About us

Started in 2015, nichemarket started out as a digital marketing agency in Cape Town. After 3 years of seeing businesses struggle with the same issues we decided it was time to develop a tool that would help local entrepreneurs market themselves online while encourage discovery of local services. 

nichemarket is now a FREE to use social marketplace & business to consumer matchmaker geared towards helping businesses increase their online following and visibility while providing customers with a variety of options when looking for products or services. 

In conjunction, we also offer a range of value-added services to help optimise and improve the way you run and market your business via nichemarket web services our digital marketing agency.

nichemarket is a product born out of our own frustration. It all began on one Tuesday afternoon in July when trying to find websites or businesses that could meet our various needs, basically birthday present ideas. 

We noticed what an extremely time consuming and tedious exercise this was, in a world geared to instant gratification. Feeding search engines with countless phrases and even heading to the dreaded second page of search results in sheer desperation. Why can’t this be made easier? From that notion, an idea was born. 

What exactly is a social marketplace?

A hybrid concept and platform that brings together the community and outreach aspects of social media, while combining them with the entrepreneurial aspect of a marketplace or classifieds.

What makes us u-niche?

Bad pun, we know, we simply couldn’t resist. Started by two Cape Town based digital marketing specialists and backed by years of experience in a digital agency as well as working on a couple of South Africa’s largest and most popular websites namely kalahari.com, takealot.com and travelstart.co.za. In other words we pretty confident in the fact that we know what we’re doing. 

We believe in two fundamental principles:

1. Everyone has a niche, a unique need, hobby, interest that someone out there of a like mind is catering to 
2. The first result you find be it on a search engine, yellow pages, or walking around in the mall, may not be the best suited for you.

Based on these 2 principles, we aim to play cupid by bringing the perfect customer to the perfect business and take credit for all matches we make. 
Started by two Cape Town-based digital marketing specialists and backed by years of experience acquired while working for various digital agencies as well as working on a few of South Africa’s biggest online Kahunas namely kalahari.com, takealot.com and travelstart.co.za. It’s safe to say we picked up a few things along the way.

We’ve run with the big boys so to speak, and we’re pretty confident in the fact that we know what we’re doing. Trust us; we’re marketers!
The faces behind the name

Co-founder: Che Kohler
Co-founder: Shamima Ahmed

Feel free to google us or contact us, we're not cat-fishing anyone!

Why use nichemarket?

Every day more and more eyes are becoming fixated online, the world wide web has not only become a very competitive arena but has slowly marginalised the little guy. If you don’t have the budget to pay for ads or have the online expertise, you’re as close to hidden on the internet as the hide and seek champion of 1967 (Fun fact, his whereabouts remain a mystery to this day).

We aim to add a bit of balance to the arena by empowering business owners with an easy to use online marketing tool. 

If you’re not using nichemarket, you’re probably invisible to thousands of potential customers.
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