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nichemarket aims to try and connect businesses and consumers in the shortest time possible; we're trying to make finding goods and service providers quick and easy and cutting through all the fluff and complexities that we all have to deal with online. While we do love the odd cat video circling social media, we think the internet needs an easier way for businesses and consumers to connect.

We're curating local businesses one at a time and helping small businesses find a place where they can feel welcome, find helpful information and promote their services.

If you are a local business owner, sign up today or if you're looking to shop local, browse our listings below.


Do you have something you would like to advertise? Once you're listed with nichemarket you can create free ads to promote your offers and allow consumers to find great deals in their local area.


Need extra help with your marketing? We're happy to assist you with a host of services that cover all digital marketing and get you more leads online.

About nichemarket

Want to get to know us better? We're an open book and we're not shy to tell it like it is, to find out more check out our guides below.

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Ready to join thousands of local businesses, startups and SME's taking advantage of nichemarket and help us build a community of reliable local businesses? Join our platform today.

nichemarket international

nichemarket is currently only available for South African users, but we've heard your call to expand and we will if we get enough interest from other regions. Should you want nichemarket to expand to your region, click on your country below and sign up. If we see significant interest in your country, we'll be happy to roll out local support.

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