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Need to make your listing pop online?

As we've grown to over 12 000 listed businesses over the last few years, we've had some growing pains; we've listened to your feedback and looked at how we can provide our nichemarketers with more value. So we've decided to take the most requested features and launch them as part of our Pro offering.

When you upgrade to nichemarket Pro, you will gain access to a host of new features with new additions in the pipeline, and best of all, there is no recurring billing. We know the pain of dealing with SAAS companies and marketing agencies pushing you into packages that suit them, and getting you to pay for value you'll never use is not the way to do business. With nichemarket, there are no subscription fees, or hidden costs, and you only pay for what you want.

Nichemarket Pro: For Brands and Agencies

  • Access to our database of first-party data

  • Additional features for your business profile, such as curated categories, branch management & agency profiles

  • Increase your trust ranking and engage with your customers

  • Dedicated account manager

  • And much more!

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then sign up for nichemarket Pro today!

What you get with nichemarket Pro

1. Branded links

Instead of having a generic “Click here to visit website” prompt on your listing you can update this to a branched url such as yourbusiness.com

2. Do follow links

You can also have your link updated from no-follow to do-follow for improved SEO and branded link association.

3. Create and manage multiple listings

Our standard nichemarket account follows a strict one-email/account-to-one listing approach, which serves individual business owners well, but does not cater for those who own multiple businesses, branches or agencies working on behalf of brands. Using nichemarket Pro, we can assign your account as many listings as you require, and you can continue to add more as you grow.

You will be able to create, edit and update as many listings as you need, which is great for larger businesses, regional entities, franchises and more.

4. Interlink branch listings

If you’re a franchise or you have several branches both locally and internationally, it’s important to showcase your brand's footprint. List all your locations or subsidiaries, and we can link each listing with one another and improve discovery.

5. Verify your account

Secure a verified badge on your profile to indicate to possible customers that they are dealing with the correct business. Verified businesses will also have preference in categories, and our internal search as users are encouraged to filter by verified listings.

Additionally, verified businesses can also gain additional exposure with access to featured categories

Note: As an agency, you can also apply for verified badges for your clients.

6. Access to featured categories

Featured categories are curated by our team to give your brand more exposure; instead of only listing your business in one category, you can associate your business with other interest sets customers are looking for, such as payment options and more.

7. Discounted op-eds and press releases

Looking for additional exposure via our blog? nichemarket Pro accounts can submit op-eds for review and publication as well as press releases at a discounted rate.

8. Sponsored newsletters

Gain exposure to our growing audience of newsletter subscribers by ordering a sponsored newsletter; we will take care of all the content, ensure it's aligned to your niche and include your branding.

9. Search ad campaigns

If you’re finding it hard to search ads on your own, we can assist with custom campaigns. Leveraging our wealth of first-party data and custom audiences built on Google and Bing, we can create targeted campaigns for your brand.

10. Social media ad campaigns

If you’re finding it hard to crack social media ads on your own, it's likely due to a lack of data; with our wealth of first-party data and custom audiences built on Meta, Pinterest, X (Twitter) and Linkedin, we can assist in creating targeted campaigns for your brand.

11. Custom reporting and analytics

Want to keep track of all your nichemarket or wider marketing efforts? Commission a custom dashboard, and we’ll set it up, connect all your data feeds from your various online platforms and feed all that data into one easy-to-view dashboard.

Why should you choose nichemarket Pro?

  • nichemarket is a trusted platform with over 12,000 listed businesses.

  • nichemarket Pro is a one-time fee, so you don't have to worry about recurring billing.

  • nichemarket Pro offers a variety of flexible features that can help you grow your business.

  • New features added regularly.

  • No recurring billing with payments in cash, stablecoins or Bitcoin.

  • No hidden costs.

  • You only pay for what you want.

How to upgrade to nichemarket Pro?

Follow these steps:

  1. Pick the features you would like
  2. Contact our team
  3. Settle the invoice
  4. And we will have your account and listings upgraded

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