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The Importance of Video For Brand Marketing

05 April 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by Jason Thorne in Industry Experts

Why video is important for marketing

Jason Thorne is an animator and motion director who cut his teeth at BaseTwo and Clearwater and loves pushing the envelope in all things visual. He gives us his take on why video has become essential to creating a solid brand presence

The truth is video content has become easily accessible medium now more than ever before. This rise in video popularity rides the wave of affordability of faster broadband and with a fair share of business having moved online. It’s no question that these elements will be tied together to supply marketing for these companies. Video platforms like youtube, Vimeo, facebook and Snapchat have exploded in the last few years. Which begs one question how has video managed to be so beneficial to both the enterprise and consumer alike?

Video marketing has found its home online

Online visibility and presence are, in the current age, a crucial part of starting and maintaining a successful business and it would thus be more beneficial for companies striving to stay at the foreground of a competitive market to use video as their primary advertising tool. Video competes in a different search space to other content mediums and has proven to improve SEO. A video can increase the likelihood of landing on the front-page Google search results by up to 53 times.

Why video marketing works

Videos are also more successful as marketing tools because they demand more of the consumer’s attention than other mediums, capturing from both a visual and audio standpoint, making them faster to consume and easier to remember.

They also promote the most engagement, this is evident in the rise of the latest of the social media superstars, the “1 minute video” and the still rising mania that is the “viral video”, drawing millions of views, that we can then multiply at least once by the number of shares and re-posts they receive, acting like a regenerating advert, all this with minimal advertising investment and often from a device that can fit into your palm.

Knowing what’s working and what isn’t can save a lot of time and a lot of money and knowing it sooner can save you, even more, time and money. The ability of many social media platforms to quantify the reach of video marketing by supplying numbers on individual viewed a video.

Video gets reactions

Video also creates an almost instant feedback loop to review and the comments section also allows the advertiser to peer directly into the interests of the consumer and adjust the content and product so that it has more appeal. This process of quantifying engagement isn’t as easily achieved with text content. For many people, video equals entertainment, even if it shows up in an email.

As a result emails with video links receive approximately twice the number of Click-Throughs as their text-based counterparts. More than just entertainment however video is proving to have an emotional charge that connects with people because it is the most accessible medium that most closely replicates real life. For instance, instead of a writer describing the emotional state of a subject, in a video, you can see it in the subject’s facial expression and body language which can be seen and understood in less time than it would take to read a sequence of sentences leading up to the same point.

Consumers are consumed by video

Video in the age of mass content consumption is the most efficient way to communicate with the masses because it lets the producer and consumer get the most from their time investment: information and entertainment all integrated into one, easy to quantify and distribute (even self-distributing). And thus video is for the purpose of marketing, is king, ruler and supreme overlord.

Jason Throne Motion Director


About the Author

Jason Thorne - Constantly pushing pixels, making music, and inserting the feels - Director - Motion Designer - 3D Generalist - VFX Artist - Music Producer

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