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Charcoal versus infra-red grill: grill myths busted

24 September 2018 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Masterchefs

Charcoal vs Infra-red braai

The art of the braai is so tightly interwoven into our South African culture I feel it is part of the being a South African starter pack. It is unique to us and no one can take it from us. If you're South African and you've emigrated, I'm really sorry to inform you but that is not a braai, that's a barbeque or a barbie, depending on where in the world you've immigrated to. 

I'm sorry sir and madam, but your braai licence has been revoked and unfortunately, our systems are down so you'll have to visit our sunny shores to able to apply for a new one. Under the current South African law, you are also required to wear something green & gold and be able to belt "nkosi sikelel iafrika" as well as 15% of the lyrics to our second national anthem "Sister Bettina"

Whether its time to countdown to Braai Day/Heritage day, a birthday or the bokke are playing there's always a reason for a tjop en dop... The main point of this whole exercise is to plan to cook for a family of 4 but cater for 8 - 10 people.

Also, If you're going to break out the grill I'm pretty sure you want nothing but the most succulent steaks, delicious boerewors and soft, moist chops; burnt, dry meat just won’t do.

So let's review some braai myths and prepare to get the best out of your Chisa Nyama with these myth busters.

Grill myths busted

1. Myth: They told you charcoal is the key to flavour...

Reality: They were wrong.

Did you know that the flavour is produced by the searing heat of a blazing hot fire? When the surface of the meat is caramelised, it seals in juices and enhances the intensity of flavour...Infrared heat not only achieves this, but it also ensures that meat is evenly cooked.

2. Myth: It seems like all grills produce flare-ups...

Reality: Not true. It is possible to get evenly cooked meat every time.

Uneven airflow and dripping grease on a heated surface are the culprits. When airflow is restricted and grease is vapourised flares ups cease to exist. With no hot spots, meat cools evenly, it’s one of the key benefits of grilling with Char-Broil’s Infrared line of grills.

3. Myth: Size matters, opt for a large grill; it’s better.

Reality: Not necessarily. Bigger isn’t always better. Opt for a grill that’s appropriately sized for the job. Look at size with regards to how many you are likely to cook for, storage space and what food you’re looking at making. Your grill will be more efficient if it’s the right size to cater to your needs. A large grill will cook as well as a small one.

4. Myth: Infrared grills are very expensive

Reality: A small infrared grill will cost you about R3 299. Try out the Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Grill.

While the majority of South Africans opt for a wood or charcoal braai, there is a lesser known option known as infra-red and an option some may want to consider. If you live in an enclosed area or not keen on all the dust and clean up of a traditional braai then this could be a very attractive option.

Never heard of Infrared braaing? Then check out this vid, it shows you all the perks of going for infrared:

Tjop and change

In all fairness, there is no right or wrong way to braai unless the families resident braai expert is supervising. Then you're probably doing everything wrong and you have to get a lecture on the art of braaing while keeping his drinks flowing. 

Got any braai tips? Share it with us in the comments. Drop us a line and tell us what works for you when it comes to braai. Would you opt for an infrared grill?

Planning a party?

Certain special occasions need more than just a braai to celebrate and if you're planning something big why not get help from recognised local businesses in catering or party planning.

Do you throw a great party?

Do you offer catering or party planning services? Why not register your business on nichemarket so local customers can find you easily online.

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