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How to be sun-smart this Summer

30 November 2016 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Mind, Body & Soul

Protect yourself against sunburn

South Africa is one the world’s most sun-soaked countries, and with the sun out in full force this summer and another sizzling few weekends on the charts, you should make sure you’re sun-smart. Getting your daily dose of vitamin D is important but it comes with its own statute of limitations you should abide by unless you want to end up red-faced and shedding skin for days.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t bring out those Speedos, mind you. Just that you should make sure you put on a good sunscreen before you go outside. Yes, we realise you want to make the most of these stunning summer days but you won't want to end up burned to a crisp! No one likes a burned chop.

While it’s tempting to spend every waking minute outside braaiing – and by that, we mean tanning – by the pool but do take care of yourself while you’re out.

Make sure you’re covered

Together with some sun-smart habits like staying out of the sun when it’s at its most intense, sunscreen is an effective way of keeping safe in summer. Here’s how to use them properly.

  1. Choose the right sunscreen

The sun protection factor (SPF) gives you an idea of how long your sunscreen will protect your skin. If you usually burn in 10 minutes and you put on a quality SPF20 sunscreen like Bergasol Refreshing Aerosol, you should be able to stay in the sun for 200 (10 x 20) minutes before you start to burn.

  1. Give your sunscreen time to work

When you’re planning to spend time outside, put your sunscreen on at least 30 minutes before you go out.

  1. Keep the protective barrier strong

Re-apply your sunscreen at least once an hour (and more often if you’re swimming).

The shadier, the better

When it comes to taking steps to protect your skin from sun damage, a little goes a long way. Here are some simple sun-smart habits to keep you and your loved ones safe so you can enjoy the sun:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight between 10:00 and 15:00.
  2. Wear protective clothes
  3. If you can use an umbrella, great if you can use a UV-treated umbrella, even better.
  4. Wear UV protective sunglasses.

Whether you're ready to fully show off that beach bod or slightly covered it's essential to make sure you're exposure to the sun remains within healthy doses. So have a fantastic time and stay sun smart this summer.

Oh and remember: The sun’s still there even when all you see is clouds. Trying to go up against the sun will see you lose every time, so stay safe!

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