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4 Types of B2B Search Trends

04 November 2016 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

How to create content for B2B search trends

B2B marketing is quite a challenge for many businesses and those given the task to market their respective businesses goods and services online. Firstly you're faced with a dilemma of having to fish from a much smaller pond of interested parties and secondly that pond is occupied by 4 different type s of fish that naturally gravitate to 4 different types of bait.

Creating a content plan to target these 4 segments can take a great deal of time, planning and research. Once you've crunched the data, shaped your archetypes and mapped out your search volume and trends it's time to generate the content.

I like to see the B2B market as a set of 2 big fish and 2 smaller fish that all have an appetite, 2 are positioned more as influencers while the other 2 are decision makers. All 4 of these stakeholders should give an equal amount of attention in your content strategy at first and as you see which type of b2b buyer you're pulling on a constant basis you can optimise from there. So what do these fish look like? Let's dive in and see.

The economic buyer

They're all about the money, normally in finance, very close relationship with finance or has final sign off on all company purchases. They're about the numbers, methodical and want their information quickly and effectively delivered to them

What they like to see:

  • Information about the price
  • The maintenance cost
  • Depreciation of the product
  • Operational costs
  • Cost saving potential
  • Price comparisons
  • Return on investment case studies

How to target them:

  • Comprehensive product pages
  • Blog content

The technical buyer

An expert in their field and has a firm grasp of technology and technical specifics. The technical buyer gets excited when seeing improved speed, time, saving, automation and a certain sense of exclusivity. They want to see details into the inner workings of the tool, case studies on how it has been integrated into other businesses. Pitch them on the competitive advantage they would receive from using your product or service.

What they like to see:

  • Information about maintenance
  • information about the installation
  • The machine required
  • How quick it is to set up
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Does it save you time
  • Is it more convenient
  • How does it compare to similar options in the market

How to target them:

  • Comprehensive product pages
  • Blog content

The user buyer

They aren't normally the final decision maker unless they've been given carte blanche by the higher-ups or the company is of a flat structure. They will be interested in the day to day management and use of the product or service, will it be an easier or better alternative to what they are currently using and ultimately will it make their jobs and lives easier.

What they like to see:

  • Information about how to handle the product
  • User manuals
  • Video instructions
  • A support service
  • Best practice documentation
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting tips

How to target them:

  • Blog content

The coach buyer

The coach buyer is a manager with some influence, they will not be using the product directly but manage the persons and teams that will make use of it. They won't be responsible for integration or cost but have a say in all these matters. They're all about how to effectively improve processes and how a product or service can do just that. Telling them that your product is indispensable for the performance within his organization is key in how you shape content for the coach buyer.

What they like to see:

  • Case studies on process improvement
  • Time-saving attribute of your product or service
  • Reporting and data analysis tools and benefits
  • Comparisons with similar tools in the industry
  • Limitations of the product or service
  • Customisation of the product or service

How to target them:

  • Blog content

B2B marketing is the long tail game, a game of patience, skill, consistency and strategy. The businesses or digital marketer that does all this successfully normally lands up with the biggest catch.


If you want to know more about B2B content marketing don’t be shy we’re happy to assist. Simply contact us here

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