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6 Ways To Drive App Installs With No Budget

07 February 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

free methods to promote your app

So you have a developed an app which you think has all that it takes to become the next WhatsApp, Candy Crush Saga, or PokemonGo, or you've just created an app and you're desperate for someone to use it. You invested a good amount of time and money in developing it and making your vision a reality.

You've tested it and got rid of all the bugs, it's been approved and listed on both app stores and everything is going great. Until you realise that you didn’t set a budget aside for the promotion and marketing of this app. For an app to realise its potential it needs to more than just a superior offering at first, it needs tonnes of eyes on it and incentives to download.

Once marketing gets the ball rolling and the apps unique offering will keep it pushing forward. (Not that you should let up on marketing) Having a limited budget has an obvious outcome for your app. It won’t reach the masses and remain something that had so much potential, unfortunately, that's just how the oversaturated app world works. If you, reading this, and you're finding yourself stuck in a similar situation, let us change the usual outcome NOW.

Here’s are 6 creative ways to promote your app for free

1. Make a Microsite Or Site Page

If you don't already have a website, setting up microsite is the first thing you should look into doing. If you already have a site and the app is an additional channel, provide a separate section to your app on the website and place it where users will see it first. It might be in the right side corner or at the centre of the page as an interstitial (be careful with using interstitials as Google has begun to penalise sites with ones they feel are intrusive).

Protip! Adding app-schema, Smart banners and designing your up with deep linking can help your site drive app downloads all year round.

2. Use Social Media. Extensively

Take to social media and optimise your profiles to include either a link to your app or a download app button. Post regularly about what your app offers users, what's new on the app and how to use the app but be mindful not to spam. Promote your app on multiple social media platforms. Go a step beyond from traditional Facebook and Twitter. Use out of the box methods also like to make a Vine video describing your app as a teaser or make a podcast about why you went with this idea and what will make your app The App. Use Pinterest, upload images and GIFs and even infographics.

3. Get your game on with App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation is the Search Engine Optimisation of your app. This lets potential app installers see that while there are similar apps on the store, but yours is simply unique. This is one of the only in-app store optimisation opportunities, so give users a compelling description and don't be shy to add in popular keywords into your full description and in your update deploy notes as you consistently release new versions.

4. Rely on Penetration Pricing

The quickest way to get more installs for your app is to set the penetration pricing methodology. Launch your app at a low price to garner maximum interest from the prospects. You can always make up for the low launch price by attaching a price for an upgrade or premium. If your app is free, push that as your unique offering, people are always willing to try something that is at no cost to them, lowering barrier to entry.

5. Head to the Various Review Websites

If there is one easy way to get a ready-made customer base to your app, it is populating your app on the various review websites on the internet. Make a list of local and international app review sites and try and submit your app or review your own app if the site allows you to contribute your own reviews. You can always try pitching the industry influencers and A listed app review websites like The AppStoreApps, AppAdvice, and 148 apps, but more than half of the time, the chances of getting a response depend on whether you are a big brand or not. In case you are not, don’t make this point your priority.

6. Third Party App Stores

Once you're live on Google Play and iTunes, it's time to tackle the 3rd party app store market. This will extend the reach past traditional app stores, reach new audiences and give you an edge over any of your competitors who may only be listed in the big 2. Third-party app stores also provide a great way to improve backlinking to your microsite or site as mentioned in step one and boost your organic rankings in search.

Protip! If you want to take the hard graft our of finding them, feel free to contact us for a full list of 3rd party app stores.

To conclude

While these are actionable strategies to put in place to promote your app on a budget, there are a number of other ad-hoc activities to look into like submitting your app for an award to getting the journos and influencers try and write or review your app. Which normally works better when you are ready to part with some moolah. So while you're putting these strategies into place, set your budget a little higher and a whole new world will open for you. But in the meantime, get started.

Contact us

If you want to know more about app marketing don’t be shy we’re happy to assist. Simply contact us here

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