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8 B2B Email Marketing Concepts That Really Work

03 September 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

B2B email tactics

Let's face it B2B products are never the most appealing to market, how do you entice prospective leads of enterprise solutions with only benefits and pricing which many marketers seem to get stuck on.

This approach only serves to put your message with the rest of the clutter, spam and just generally average content that costs more to put together than its worth to your marketing efforts. B2B Marketing emails always end up on a tightrope walk: Should you be serious and sound all corporate-ish or should you dare write out personalized emails? If you ever wondered, stop doing it.

Just make it personal. Here are a few high-energy, fun, and fantastic B2B email marketing examples that should set you apart not only from competitors but from all the emails competing in your prospects attention.

1. Reliable resources

These emails come with tons of goodies related to your audience. Make use of well-written blog posts that easily to answer some of the most common problems small businesses or business owners would always have when it comes to using your product or even better problems they now have because they're not using your product.

2. Invitation to learn

Instead of bombarding users with USP's, case studies, testimonials and pricing packages why not ask users what they're looking for. What can this email do for you? It can give you the possibility to learn and adapt to your users’ needs, and get a deeper understanding of their customers’ problems. The point? Create opportunities to learn, gather data, and get insights before “selling”.

This works great for businesses who follow the freemium model. Asking users who have already tried the product what they would like to get out of it that they currently cannot and using that insight to extract a purchase out of them in future.

3. Offer available insights

Another email aimed at the freemium model but with some clever segmenting can be used for your cold leads or used for up or cross-selling. First, you will have to mine some data or have a way to detect that customers are using a certain product for a particular use. Once you've selected the data point to base your mail around its time to look at the messaging. The content needs to be in a helpful and suggestive tone. For example, we noticed you're using nichemarket for your digital marketing needs, have you tried our premium subscription.

4. Empathise with your prospects

This one is aimed at cold email outreach, the hustle, the energy, and the writing style need to back that up. This email doesn't need fancy graphics except for a few photos sometimes but needs to feel as if it's coming directly from someone with a position of power with the ability to help.

First set up the situation they currently face. Example are you a small company struggling with your workload? Here are some practical tips on how to get around it and inserting your product as one or all of those practical tips.

5. Simplicity with the step by step guide

Break down how to sign up for your product into simple steps or time frames that would be appealing to your prospects. Make sure you keep it to between 3 and 5 easy steps which seem to be the most appealing for click-throughs.

6. The No-Sale Email

All you need to do with this one is share information. Then, some more information, something Shopify does very well and they've recently hit 500 000 vendors. All they do is offer expert advice, advice from vendors and tips and tricks of the trade. I am yet to see an email from them that says “Sign up”. Is that good or bad? You tell me.

7. The success rate email

Using a combination of case studies and an infographic you can put together a success rate flow email. Create an email that shows businesses in the same scale and same industry as your current prospect and how the use of your product improved other businesses, ROI, scalability, time-saving or productivity.

8. The press release email

A press release email is a great way to generate interest around your product without actually selling to the prospect. Show the prospect how your product makes an impact in the industry and why there is so much excitement and what adoption of your product would mean to businesses in their industry, in some cases you even showcase how your product has become industry standard or best practice and how not adopting would have businesses falling behind their competition.

Make B2B emails a worthwhile exercise

B2B emails are more than just a reminder or an announcement with the right content and tone it can be turned into a strategic messaging tool that not only drives traffic and interest but brings in real high value leads.

Which is what we all want from any of our marketing efforts. Now that you know how to inject some life into your B2B email messaging which approach do you feel would work best for your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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