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How To Build Local Links To Your Website

24 July 2018 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

How to build local links from your community

Building links can be one of the most painful tasks any webmaster, business owner or digital marketer will have to endure in order to improve the performance of the site. Digitally going door to door and negotiating for a link back to your site will get your site ranking with the best of them and that's why this task isn't an easy one.

If you've ever tried to build links to your site before this post may hit close to home - The Pain Of Link Building In Memes

Picking your links

One thing about building links is that it's a mixed bag, you can't be too picky, and you never know who will be willing to link to you, yet Google wants you to stay as relevant with your links as possible. Seriously? Can you make this any harder than it already is Google?

Ramping up your link building

While I do recommend site owners try for at least one new link a month, I know this isn't always possible and finding the time and the willpower to get that link isn't something everyone is up for. So what if there was a way around it?

What if you could build relevant local links without the backbreaking hard labour of emails and negotiating? Well, there is a way, it may not be easier, but it may be more your style.

Link building is community outreach

Instead of prescribing to traditional marketing rules and follow age-old rules build a path to back to your website on your own terms. Get your hands dirty, get people involved and integrate community engagement with my link building campaigns.

These community outreach programs serve not only as a branding exercise and PR opportunity but it bridges the gap between offline and online marketing. It also dispels the idea that link building can only be done online.

Personally, I believe that link building isn't just an SEO's job but all marketing channels, social networks, events, and emails can lend themselves to interesting and creative link building campaigns.

Making the link

Instead of scouring the web with fancy tools for link opportunities why not create your own ones with offline link building by engaging with various communities in a real-world setting. 

Here are ten ways you can pull together a set of like-minded people for a linking opportunity.

  • Host an event
  • Sponsor an event
  • Sponsor local bloggers to host an event for you
  • Give away cool swag
  • Add your swag to another events gift bags
  • Request to speak at a local event
  • Collaborate with a local business
  • Write an ah-mazing article about a recent industry event
  • Have a boot camp/trial/experiential marketing campaign
  • Volunteer at a local charity

Once you've gathered your crowd you can then encourage them to write about their experience, share it on social media, blog about it, tweet, share an Instagram story and instead of reaching one link builder you've gathered 10 or 15 in a room, all with an audience and reach of their own.

During your exchanges mention various resources they can link to on your site and encourage exploration of your site as well as the opportunity to gain those prized deep links that will really kick up your link equity.

Protip! If you want to take full advantage of your efforts, then don’t forget to pitch local news outlets. They are craving local interesting content, so it never hurts to ask. For more on offline initiatives for your website check out our previous post - 10 Ways To Generate Offline Leads For Your Website

All links lead home

Now that you've put yourself out there hopefully you would have made some real connections that found value in what you've done and are willing to take that real-world meeting and turn it into a digital pathway back to your website.

Link building doesn't have to be a boring, lifeless exchange like your marriage, lol kidding! It can be fun and an opportunity for you to really set yourself apart from the rest of your competitors.

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