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Why Your Business Needs an Online Presence

Why Your Business Needs an Online Presence

It's 2018 and there is no denying it that the internet is the main source reference for most people across the globe. Gone are the days where we reference print copies of Encyclopedia Britannica or The World Book Encyclopedia as these traditional sources of knowledge cannot keep up with the demand of the modern day human.

How the modern human searches for info

A quick Google search now yields all the information we need in real time. Googles intricate algorithms also make sure we get shown the most up to date and relevant information from the most legit sources. If we are looking for more formal sources of information for academic searches we know we can now make use of Google Scholar.

This sub-search engine draws all its search results from various academic publications such as books and journal articles from various databases. We rely on the quick google search for so much in our daily lives; When we quickly need a number for the local pizza place or dentist, looking entertainment ideas for the weekend, holiday itineraries, etc. The point is modern man relies on Google to solve their problems.

5 Reasons why your business needs an optimised online presence?

  1. Connect a greater audience to your business
  2. With a website up users can find your services easily by doing a quick Google search, these include using searching for your brand name or generic terms relating to your business. This opens up your business to a larger number of potential customers than relying on these people to physically interact with your business.

  3. 24/7 access to your products and services
  4. Your site acts like catalogue available 24/7, even when your physical store might be closed. This allows users to contact you instantly and increase your lead generation rate.

  5. Save on print cost with electronic catalogues
  6. Products and prices are bound to change annually at the least. Having a live electronic catalogue that can be easily updated saves you thousands of rands on printing and updating catalogues each here. Use your site as a point of reference to get the conversation going.

  7. Build the credibility of your brand
  8. A brand presence across the web and various social platforms help give potential customers some insight into your brand and business and how you operate. Your site is the face of your brand or your online storefront to these customers so make sure you showcase your business the way you want people to perceive it.

  9. Cheaper marketing options
  10. Breaking out into the digital space gives you access to so many more marketing tools which cost you very little. In fact, many of the services are free and a small budget can be used to give your brand added exposure. Boost your brand by making use of digital marketing channels such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Adwords, SEO and Email Marketing.

Get online faster than ever before

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Contact us

Making use of digital tools will ensure your brand has added exposure online, make sure you are present and not losing out on potential business. If you have any questions relating to building your business presence online or have anything you would like to add to the post, comment below or contact us here.

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