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Get Better CTR's With 8 Headline Optimisation Tips

07 February 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

How to optimise headlines for better click-throughs

Getting users clicking through to your content is the reason we develop writing pieces in the first place—as writers and and digital marketers. If no one is reading what we produce, what’s the point? When you consider that most readers quickly scan headlines on their news feed or search results pa ges and then move on until they find something that captures their attention or matches their interest, you will soon realise the importance of a solid article headline.

Only about 40% of readers will go beyond the headline in a typical story, which makes it even more important to start with an engaging title to pull the largest audience in and make them want to stay. The headline ropes them in but the content keeps them there and the two have to work together. If your headlines are great but your content doesn't match you're going to drive high bounce rates and pogo sticking which will affect your ability to rank. If your headlines are poor no one will bother reading your content limiting its reach and ability to rank.

1. Create a Catchy, Authentic, Engaging Headline

If the goal is to invite readers in, then the headline is the welcome mat and cup of coffee—the message should be, “Come on in and sit down. I have something awesome to tell you”. So you now your asking what makes a good headline? Here are 8 key tips to get you started:

2. Start with a rough draft, also called a “working title”

Working titles are specific, focused, and maybe a bit imperfect. Using phrases like “how to” and “x number of ways to” can be a good starting point for creating a focused title. Creating the basis for an emotional hook by using words that have power behind them.

3. Present the truth

Don’t put facts or promises in a title unless you can back it up with authoritative links and trustworthy statistics. Setting high expectations in the beginning, and then not following through, will disappoint your readers and encourage a sense of distrust.

4. Make it pop

The type of “catch” you use in your title will depend on the audience you are addressing. A lighter topic can be an appropriate setting for witty words and alliteration, while stronger words should be reserved for specific settings.

5. Keep it simple

Everyone’s headline is going to be different in length, but if your goal is to rank well in search, a good guideline is to keep a title under 70 characters. However, research has shown a title with eight words saw a 21% higher click-through rate than average. Headlines that included odd numbers, a hyphen, and a questions mark saw increased engagement.

Protip! Create multiple headings for your articles. 55 characters for the page title, 70 characters for social media and then finally 80 characters max for your on-page headline.

6. Practice optimization for social and search

It can be challenging to optimise for both search and social, but with a few tweaks, it can be done. With a focus on keywords that are relevant to your audience placed as close as possible to the beginning of the headline, there is a better chance your title will be optimised for both.

7. Break up with keyword-heavy titles

If only four out of ten readers are moving past the headline to absorb content, it makes sense to put thought and time into developing a relevant title. Bogging titles down with keywords takes away the opportunity to create something fantastic and attractive. Try the free Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule, which will give your headline a score and rate the ability it has to drive traffic, shares, and SEO value. The site can help you strengthen weak parts of your title so you can present your audience with the very best welcome mat/coffee combination.

8. Get in with the “in” crowd

One way to contribute to an increased CTR is by forming your headline from the perspective of one of which persona you would like to target. Think of which people would be most likely to enjoy the content you created and try to appeal directly to them. An SEO-focused title might read, “Raising Kids: Getting through the Toddler Years”, while the comedian version could be, “Got Mushy Brain? 3 Tips for Getting Through the Foggy Years of Raising a Toddler!”

9. Bonus tip: Invite everyone over for the party

No one wants to be left out, so gathering together all the components of an awesome title is the best way to be the content hostess with the most-est.

  1. Start with the specifics: 4 Ways to…, How to Make…, 5 Brands Who…, 10 Stats That…
  2. Add an emotional hook: Brilliant, Unreal, Must-Follow, Inspiring
  3. Follow with the content description: Infographic, Quotes, Stats, Strategies
  4. End with the subject: Social media, Kids, Marketing, Writing

Examples of Fabulous Headlines:

  • 4 Smart Brands Who are Winning in Social Media
  • Don’t Waste Time Raising Well-Mannered Kids: 4 Experts Share What Really Works
  • Love at First Click: 10 Ways To Create Your Best Headlines This Year

Take it to the headline

Now go forth and write compelling headings and let us know how it has improved your click-through rate in our comments section below, we would love to hear from you.

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