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Google launches the most User-Friendly Payment Gateway!

10 November 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in nichemarket Advice

User friendly Google Pay Wallets

The technology giant does it again with the launch of it's latest API. This time Google revolutionalises the Online Payments industry with the release of 'Pay with Google', the simplest payment gateway to date. Surprising maybe, but this feature was being tested earlier this year already and with the amount of work Google puts into making payment processes flawless on their products it's only logical that they make some money off this product (after all they are running a business with endless resources!)

Pay with cards saved in your Google account

All sites are not equipped to handle payments from various devices, especially in the South African Market. 'Pay with Google' takes off the edge off registering and saving payment details on numerous platforms and sites. It's as simple as paying with any card registered on your Google account (from any of Googles products), making it the perfect cross-device payment companion!

Google sends also sends both your payment info and shipping details to the merchant, so you don't have to add all your features yet again. The Instacart demo below illustrates the simplicity of this product:Pay with Google Demo

Current adoption in the market

Currently, the rollout of this API has not hit the shores of South Africa as yet but has already been adopted by apps and corporates in the Americas and Europe.

I look forward to seeing which South African Tech Player would be the first to implement.

How to implement 'Pay with Google'

'Pay with Google' can be implemented on Apps or Websites. Full details on how to integrate the API with your technology is available in Google's Develop Documentation. The implementation is just as easy as using the product, as it can be done with just a few lines of code. The best part though it's completely

FREE to use. That's right; Google charges 0 transaction fees! They have already partnered with some payment providers to make the integration smooth. Recruiting new providers is a vital part of the project, and they will continuously be adding more to the list.

A full list of recruited and pending payment providers can be found here.

What's next? Hands-free payments?

Hands-free payments is not a hunch but an actual reality. Google has been testing their hands-free payment app since March 2016. The App is called 'Android Pay' and is already available in Google Play Store, but is not compatible with all Android devices.

You can read more about Android Pay here

Contact us

We would love to hear from you! If you've used this feature before or would like to know more, comment below or contact us here

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