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Leverage User Reviews to Increase your Conversions!

25 October 2018 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in nichemarket Advice

How to leverage user reviews

If you are a small e-commerce store or an independent service provider, competing with more established site's, getting some traction can be very hard. Firstly, you don't have huge budgets, nor do you have the team to help you build state of the art cross-platform campaigns that can get you the reach you so desire! This puts your brand in at a little disadvantage Leveraging off an element as simple as product or service reviews with your current customer base might just be your answer to giving you that extra exposure you need!

Reviews Play The Role of experiencing the Product in The Real-World

Never underestimate the power of a good review, they might take some effort to solicit from customers. But the effects they have are long-lasting. As an avid online shopper I pay close attention to product reviews, it might make or break the sale for me. Especially in cases when physical merchandise is seen, touch and test in the real world.

Thus reviews play the roles of experience the product in the real world through someone else's eyes. Fr the customer, those that tread before them learnt the lesson, and can give them honest insight as to what they thought about the product! This gives you standard sales copy, a little more oomph and will naturally highlight the products great features!

Good Reviews Vs Bad REviews

If a product has bad reviews you naturally will take head from this warning and avoid buying it. But if said product has great reviews, it will naturally put your potential customer at ease and increase their likelihood of going through with the purchase!

Drawing from a personal experience, I was looking for a new hairdryer a while back and was ready to fork out the 2000 bucks for the branded model I had previously! The last one I had, lasted several years and was much cheaper when I got it, it would have lasted longer but it had a bit of an accident. However, reading reviews I found one that cost 10% of the price, had the same specs but was just not branded. A few customers left reviews on how happy they were, and I took a chance! Works like a dream, and I scored a great deal! All because of reviews!

Unique reviews increase the overall visibility of your products on the internet

What many marketers don't realise is that reviews have more than just power over the reader. From a technical perspective, it is seen as content on your page. And since most e-commerce sites copy and paste product descriptions from suppliers with little to no changes, the same product will have the same content on numerous different sites. Which means the site with a better reputation online will take preference in terms of being the most visible for this product.

Unless smaller sites implement unique reviews from their customers on these pages, the chances of them being visible are very little (without paying for ads), especially for competitive products! Furthermore, if you are thinking of buying reviews from a third party, you might as well feature no reviews at all. This is the same as using the same duplicated description from the supplier, it adds no additional value to attracting to visitors to your site!

Start collecting reviews

If you looking to create some waves before the festive rush, start collecting and publishing reviews on your site today! It could just mean you see an even bigger increase in your sales!

Contact us

If you need some extra advice on implementing reviews on your site, get in touch with us we will be happy to try and help! Simply comment below, or contact us here!

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