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10 Ways To Generate Offline Leads For Your Website

28 August 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by nichemarket in nichemarket Advice

Generating offline leads

Promoting your business does not only involve the using digital marketing, even if you're a digital-only business. You still need to promote it offline, the fact of reality is not everyone is online all the time so why not take a break from your laptop, go outside, get some fresh air, meet people and generate business the old-fashioned way.

Offline lead generation opportunities

Depending on your market you may realize there is less competition when you conduct your lead generation campaigns outside the web and supplement your online with offline activities can really bring down your customer acquisition costs. This will put you in a distinct advantage over competitors solely relying on digital marketing for all their exposure. Another point to consider is the fact that offline promotion does not have to dry out your resources.

There are tons of ways for marketers to acquire high-quality leads without the use of a landing page or a social media or PPC account and throwing money at getting leads. If you've never done offline promotions and don't have a clue where to begin then stick around folks we're about to drop some knowledge on you.

1. Cold calling

Some say cold calling is outdated and while it may seem like a primitive way to acquiring high-quality leads, cold calling can still provide you with advantages that social media channels could barely outrank. One of these advantages is outreach. Prospects want instant responses to inquiries, which is exactly what talking to a telemarketer entails. In addition, cold calling can also lead to better relationships as you are allowed flexibility in terms of crafting talking points that will keep a prospect interested in you. Cold calling doesn't always mean getting on the phones and annoying people with phone calls it can be used strategically.

If you're a b2b business, use search or social media to compile a list of suppliers or potential clients. If you're a B2C business, you can start following up with previous clients about repeat purchases, ask for referrals, or go use social media to find potential people of interest and contact them directly. Once you've done this drop them a mail, offering to call them for a follow-up or to meet and discuss opportunities. You may be surprised at the response you get, don't be scared to put yourself out there, that's what marketing is about.

2. Direct mail

Yet another “prehistoric” marketing technique, but not one that is ineffective. At present, people are more excited to receive mail and postcards than to receive promotional emails from companies.

Use postcards to grab attention and stir interest. As many businesses have abandoned the mailbox for the email inbox, you also might find direct mail as a way to stand out from your competitors. Be sure to use a graphic designer or even helpful online tools to make sure your mailer will capture people’s attention while also reinforcing your brand image.

Protip! You may also consider giving out a freebie along with your mail.

3. Published ads

For companies that want to tap a specific market, they can always consider publishing ads in magazines and newspapers. We all know about how print is going to die out soon, but there are still people who prefer print media for some reason. Certain groups like artists and seniors are more likely to read news on printed pages. To attract these niches, you only have to create appealing ad copy and visuals that point them towards you.

To find the right publications for your print ads, consider the volume and frequency of distribution, the characteristics of their readers, and of course the pricing. As with direct mail, be sure to have a professional layout and design your ad. This may cost a bit more than doing it yourself, but will yield better results and a better return on your investment.

4. Seminars and corporate events

Want a more effective way to generate leads via direct engagements. Then, events such as trade shows, seminars, and conferences are the right techniques to consider. Through these, you can position your brand to a large audience. Pressing the flesh and meeting people face-to-face is a powerful opportunity to make a lasting impression and expedite the customer/prospect relationship.

Industry trade shows are target-rich environments to connect with a large number of new potential prospects in a short amount of time. Exhibiting at one of these events should yield a significant list of active prospects that you can begin to nurture and follow-up within the days and weeks afterwards.

5. Published articles

Creating shareable content is literally every website content goal but so few try to have their well written and well thought out content published offline for readers to enjoy. Have a look at your most popular content on your site and match it up with publications that could possibly be interested. Once you've put the two together, pitch them and see if you can get yourself in on glossy or black and white.

If you don't feel like doing this yourself and putting in the hard graft you can always employ a PR agency to set up and do all the wheeling and dealing on your behalf, if you go this route always be mindful of ROI.

6. Referrals and testimonials

If all else fails, you can always make use of reviews and testimonials from previous and existing customers. These, along with referrals, give your brand the boost it needs to widen its reach and acquire more qualified leads. Nothing still beats the authority of the people who already are familiar with you.

7. Sponsoring Events

For most businesses, their product or service can be associated with or complementary to certain events. For example, a local cycling shop would be a perfect fit to be a sponsor of a local race.

As a sponsor, they would have to the ability for prominent signage as well as a presence at the event where employees could display products and interact with attendees. Look for the events in your community that your target audience may attend in large numbers, and you may find yourself an effective means of offline lead generation.

8. Hosting Events

Giving people a reason to come to your brick and mortar location is a great way to generate offline leads and attract new prospects. It may also aid in building your company’s reputation in the community. Product demonstrations or expert talks can help to get current customers and new prospects into your space. You know your customers and what they are interested in, so be sure to create events that will be most engaging and appealing.

9. Branded goods

Always make sure you have something physical to give a potential client to take with them and remind them of you and your business. The bare minimum would be having printed business cards with your sites name and URL on display. Taking it a step further with swag like branded stationery and clothing is also a popular medium of getting your brand out there.

10. Point of service systems

When out and about at seminars, events, talks, conferences, or Expos make sure you have some form of point of service system. It could be as simple as an iPad that is set up to allow users to sign up for your service, experience your website, send themselves a digital business card, sign up to your newsletter or make a purchase. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to convert an offline prospect into an online lead.

Merging your offline and online efforts

Making use these traditional marketing techniques with a few digital tweaks will not only be great for your brand, brand recognition and brand recall but also help you build up a targetted segment of leads that will form the base or the audience you regularly communicate with.

While everyone jumps on the next big API, programmatic tool and desperately trying to find ways of lowering acquisition costs via digital channels you can use the old-school approach to marketing. By adding that human element to your marketing efforts, putting a face to the brand and reaching out to customers in a more personal manner, you will no doubt set yourself apart from your competitors.

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