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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs AdWords

17 March 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

Why your business needs adwords

Search engines have changed the way we see marketing and has become one of the most powerful if not the most powerful digital marketing platform to date, according to research from search engine land the combined SEM market (SEO and PPC) tops out at over $100 Billion annually with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This behemoth collection of customers and customer intent has just about every site scrambling for a potential piece of the pie because it works and the numbers are there in real time to prove it. Even crumbs could help turn a hefty profit for any business.

Google has done an amazing job of reaching deep into many customers physique to become the first point of search for their goods and services needs with millions of searches performed per day. Unfortunately, these customers want instant results from Google leaving limited space for businesses to appear. With only 10 "Free" opportunities to be listed on the first page of Google Search Results while there are 4 paid spots reserved for anyone who has the money to spend on acquiring them.

While I've always been an advocate of SEO it does take time and in that time you could be missing out on potential leads and this is where PPC's flexibility takes the lead. If you haven't used PPC before and want to know if its right for you, then this article is just for you.

So let's talk you through what Google Adwords the most widely used PPC tool and show you what it can offer your business and why you should consider using the platform.

1. Get Found

Reaching customers when they are looking for you, is a no brainer and a great way to increase leads within a short space of time. If you want your products or services to be found by your targeted customers then Adwords is for you. For any business, it is difficult to compete with already established websites in Google and rank on top of search results; adopting Adwords allows you can compete hand-in-hand with top rankers as Ads appear on top of search results. You're not only limited to Google Search, but you can display your ads on YouTube videos, other websites and Google partner websites and increases the visibility of your services to a wider range of consumers.

2. Faster than SEO

You need not worry about all the ranking factors around organic rankings. Simply concentrate on creating attractive clickable ad copy, attractive landing pages, set your ad bids and keep an eye on your good score and you should display regularly for top search terms. Basically, as long as you pay you will be displayed so AdWords will yield faster results than SEO.

3. Flexible Marketing Platform

Adwords is an extremely flexible marketing platform and provides a suitable range for any kind of business or brand. Adwords campaigns can be customised, so that you can focus on your targeted audience and audience present on various sources like Google Search Engines, GDN Websites and Youtube. Moreover, you can adjust your spendings, bid for specific keywords only, limit your bids and set daily budgets. How much more flexibility does your business need?

4. Various Traffic Sources

Google is huge and that saying that still feels like an understatement. You not only have access to billions of monthly searches where you can bid for keywords and display your ads, but you can access users on Youtube, on any website that was Google Display Banners on their sites and even iOS and Android Apps that have ad space available.

5. Local and Global Targeting

Adwords provides users with the ability to get granular with their targeting. It allows you to target potential customers based on the certain city, countries or region. Using Adwords in your marketing strategy you can target the local audience as well as a global audience too. Local businesses can benefit by rolling their ads only to the audience in their locality. While larger brands can target huge audience from any corner of the world and even attribute more budget to the locals that are more profitable.

6. Measurable

Adwords gives you detailed information about your campaigns; it generates reports and gives you real-time results that are easily understandable. It provides dashboards for analysing where you can improve performance and get the most out of your budget. You are able to see data like ads clicked, impressions, performing keywords, costs and much more that will be help for performance growth. So you can see exactly where the money is going and what you're getting out of it.

7. High ROI

Adwords is very transparent and provides the most of the information you will need when making use of that data for continuously testing and tracking of campaigns to give you the best results. Of course, it will take the time to identify the best approach for your business. But once you find what is working for your business, you can drive a high return on investment (ROI) compared to any other online or traditional marketing strategies that don't offer this level of control.

8. Tailor to differnt budgets

A marketing budget isn't always a set available resource every month especially for a small business and there will be budget fluctuation. AdWords allows you to spend your budget as liberally or as frugally as you see it. You can tighten up during the lean months and save to prepare for your bigger months when you know demand will be high and get the most out of your spend.

9. Quick turn around times

The internet is all about instant gratification and things can change in an instant. Sites can go down for many reasons and to be paying for traffic to a site that isn't available or working correctly is an expensive exercise. Switching off or pausing campaigns can be done instantly saving you money and blushes. You can also adapt your paid search campaigns to new market changes. If you're reaching into a new product range or dropping a less profitable range, or even want to pick up on a new search trend, paid search can turn around quick campaigns to target users or exclude users with ease.

10. Extract valuable data

As mentioned earlier AdWords provides you with a host of valuable data that can be sent to different reporting tools like Google Analytics, Google Data Studios, Tableau and much more. You can use this data to pick up search trends to target in your organic search efforts, user experience data to improve your site and how users interact with it, you can identify profitable GDN sites you may want source partnerships or link building opportunities from to name a few.

The search for success

Paid search marketing is a powerful tool for the modern business and digital marketer and will give you a taste of what opportunities are available in Search for your business. Dip your toe in or dive in completely it's up to you, there is no right or wrong way to market your business to search engines.

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