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Show your website some love this Valentine's day ❤️

13 February 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in nichemarket Advice

Show your website more love

Have you neglected your website? Here are some easy ways to make love to your website this Valentine's day!

Valintine's is upon us and while everyone is prepping to surprise the loves of their lives, we should not forget about the one thing that is vital to the success of our businesses online, i.e. our websites! Websites are simple creatures, you can always figure out what's "bugging" them and they never give you lip unless you want them to ;) If you love websites as much as we do, check out the following tips to get the edge over your competitors this Valintine's day!

7 Simple ways to make visitors love your website

  1. Make it fast!
  2. The speed of your website is one of the fundamental ingredients in winning the hearts of your visitors. Stats show that 40% of users abandon websites that take too long to load. Monitor this and make sure it takes a max of 5 seconds to load. Preferably we want to score a date so we need to bring our A-Game and pick them up in a fine-tuned machine, I'm talking Fast and the Furious here and not Driving Miss Daisy!

  3. Make it responsive!
  4. The web is a big ocean and we got all kinds of fishes just waiting to get their fins on your website. From smartphones and tablets to the mighty desktop and those tiny 12-inch laptops (only useful for sending emails in my opinion) all these fishes want to splash around in your pond. If the text on your site is too small or fingers are too fat to click on want they want, users will leave your site and never return. Make sure you catering for the main screen sizes so you always keep those fishes hooked!

  5. Make it stylish!
  6. Users are always visually attracted to websites. Websites are like a good piece of eye-candy, the easier they are on the eyes the longer they will stay and ogle it! Be clear on the desired effect or impression you want to create on the user and the colours palette you choose to help you achieve this. Best practice usually suggests one neutral and one bright colour to maintain balance and accentuate all the right places.

  7. Make it legible!
  8. Legibility is everything, if users can't understand or read the message you are trying to convey, chances are they will leave. If you looking for a long-term relationship with the perfect piece of eye-candy, an articulate candidate will always win. Not only does your website need to look the part, but its needs to be able to talk-the-talk. Choose a complementary easy-to-read font and tasteful imagery. Please stay away from the Comic Sans font if you want your website to look like it was built in this century - this font is not associated with well-groomed brands.

  9. Less is more!
  10. Unless you into being gagged, don't bombard your users with too much info just because you have the real-estate to use. Make sure your web pages are laid-out optimally, text and images should not be cluttered and avoid using background wallpapers. White space is not necessarily a bad thing, it actually makes reading easier and provides a much more pleasurable experience for the user.

  11. Make it focused
  12. Make sure your content is focused on your users. You want to attract the most compatible users so you can develop a long-term relationship, the more commonality and understanding there is between the two parties the stronger the first impression. It's not bad to have a variety of topics, but it boils down to one question, "Is this content useful to my audience?" Also, make sure the primary focus is always at the top of your website's agenda. Win this market before you start branching out.

  13. Make it Valuable!
  14. Always make sure that you are providing value. If users feel your website is engaging with them, providing value and it really gets them you can expect to build loyalty and trust and a happy life together. Make you are constantly providing value! Provide value in your copy, in your sales, in your blog. If it's not valuable, don't post it.

Contact us

Now that you know a bit more about what makes your audience tick it's time to put in the work and win their loyalty. If you want to know more about winning the hearts of your audience we will be happy to assist. Simply contact us here.

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