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Twitter increase character limit to 280. We ask Why? + Hack for early access!

28 September 2017 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in nichemarket Advice

Twitter doubles its Tweet character limit

The internet has been up in arms over the past two days with the news of Twitters increase in character limits. Currently, the rollout is not universal and only certain users have been graced with access to this new feature. Of course, the test rollout has been mainly focused in the USA because why would Africans need more characters? I mean we can barely speak English anyways (my spelling is testament).

And the crowd goes mad

Like any new rollout, the internet is having two types of reactions to this. Some are soo ecstatic because now they can tell their Twitter stories in a hundred fewer tweets (airing dirty laundry in public is hard as it is without having to hit send ever 140 characters). And then some are questioning this rollout, not because they prefer to tweet in emoticons and gifs, thus use fewer characters anyway, but because honestly there so much more useful features we have been waiting for (as a digital marketer I am on Team #why280charaters). nichemarket investigates what users have to say.

All aboard the character limit train

As with many users and consumers in general, there is a huge chunk that is completely over the moon about this feature. (From the comments I assume these are the also the same group of people who don't give much thought to life and long to take selfies for a living!) Here's what they say:

All Question Twitter's Priorities and Sanity

As with anything a big corporation rolls out, consumers are always too happy to consume without questioning the why factor or whether it this feature was the best to prioritise for its users. As a marketer, my job is to engage users to consume without question but it also makes me more aware of this agenda.

So when a big player like Twitter rolls out features on a tool I use to promote most of my clients' Brands on daily basis rolls out mediocre features like an increase in character limit I have to ask why. For myself, and other marketers alike, there are way more pressing matters that need attention. For example, its 2017 and we are still not able to edit a tweet on a platform that has been around for more than a decade! Here's what they say:

Hack for those suffering from FOMO

If you suffering from FOMO and would really want access to this feature, Twitter user @Prof9 provides an easy using a Tampermonkeyscript and a little bit of Chrome magic! Check tweet below for details, and you welcome!

Whats your take on it all

We would like to hear what you have to say or hit us up on Twitter: @nichemarketza.

Tags: Social Media, Twitter

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