6 Pitfalls of WordPress Website Design

Hermit Chalwa, Marketing Manager at Spark Design, gives us some great insight on the cons of WordPress Website design.Rean more to make an informative decision when choosing your platform for your website build.

WordPress is an excellent web building tool and used widely CMS. The reason for its popularity is the amazing features, easily available website design services and attributes that are housed by the platform.

Apart from the benefits that WordPress gives to any blogger, there are some major drawbacks of using WordPress which we will discuss now.

1. Unsecure Open Source Platform

The open source nature of WordPress is considered a boon by many because it allows you to add your modifications and feature enhancements in it. However, the flipside is, it exposes the WordPress website to hackers and spammers who take advantage of this phenomenon.

The solution is to choose from a wide range of security plugins available and keep the hackers at bay.

2. Lack Of Support Services

WordPress doesn’t provide you with any technical assistance, once you have finished developing your website using it. So if you are looking for official support services, then you will be disappointed.

But WordPress has very good community support. There are a number of WordPress support forums available, whose active users can help you find a solution. There are also cases where various support forums leave several unsolved or unanswered queries that make things more complicated.

3. Frequent Updates

WordPress releases frequent updates in order to enhance its functionality and security. Along with these updates, the associated plugins also need to be updated as the previous versions of these plugins won’t be supported. Although these updates are beneficial, in some cases they may have a negative impact on the performance of your website. It creates a fear of data loss among users.

One way to encounter this problem is to regularly update your plugins and creating a backup of your website’s data. Also, the automatic update option should be disabled.

You never know how your website will react to a plugin update or how well the update has been programmed so it’s best to update your themes and plugins manually.

4. Technical Skills Are Needed

WordPress’s highly customizable nature allows site owners to tweak the overall look and feel of a site in a matter of a few seconds. But sometimes it becomes difficult especially for beginners to properly customize their site as they don’t have in-depth technical knowledge. You need to have a significant coding knowledge. It will be required to create custom admin columns, taxonomies, filters, post types etc. Unlike WordPress, there are many other CMSs that require zero amount of coding knowledge. WordPress requires more technical skills to do the same.

5. Incomplete & Inconsistent Documentation

Every WordPress user would have somehow come across the WordPress codes feature page list. They contain a notice inviting people to document the function.
This will demand a lot of your time in reviewing the code in order to know about the purpose of these features. There is no relevant information that is provided and even the source is unknown where you can explore about it.

6. User-Generated Content

In WordPress, the profile and the login pages are by default designed as the admin pages. Due to this, the users that are registered on the site, are considered as the website owners or the editors. As a result of this, it is impossible for a user to create a content apart from a comment via a non-admin page. This can cause some serious headaches to users who want to create a website that consists of a huge user base. In fact, creating a highly community-based website such as Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube on the WordPress platform is a daunting task.

Key Takeaway

WordPress is no doubt a very influential content management system that allows people to build user-friendly websites in just a few minutes. However, from the above-mentioned pitfalls, it is clear that it also has some disadvantages or demerits. But the greatest liberty using WordPress, which is not present with the other platforms, is the wide range of customization options it provides. Thus you can create your own website according to your needs and requirements.

Hermit Chawla
Marketing Manager at Sprak Design

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