The Social Media Manager’s Cheatsheet

Social Media management has become increasingly challenging with all the new rules and addition of different post types across various platforms. Many think that managing social platforms is a pretty cushy job and all you do is chill on social media all day.

The reality of managing social accounts

What these people fail to understand is that you are often managing the reputation of a Brand online and constantly engaging its audience across 5 or more social platforms at a time. Each of these platforms has their own rules and tricks which need to be observed in order your efforts perform optimally and if you on the agency side, you often managing more than one Brand’s account on any given day. This can become very overwhelming and often we lost track of everything we need to do.

To help you stay afloat in the worst of times, we have put together quick checklists to make sure you are on track for your Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks. I addition we have added an extra little something-something to make sure you show the boss you being a pro-active.

๐Ÿ—“ Daily Checklist

โ˜‘ Post 3 to 6 times on Twitter.
โ˜‘ Post 1 to 2 times on Facebook.
โ˜‘ Post 1 to 2 times on Google +.
โ˜‘ Post 1 to 3 times on Instagram.
โ˜‘ Post 1 time on LinkedIn.
โ˜‘ Respond to direct messages across all platforms.
โ˜‘ Monitor and respond to mentions across all platforms.
โ˜‘ Create conversations with brand ambassadors.
โ˜‘ Find and engage with potential customers.
โ˜‘ Find and engage with applicable influencers.
โ˜‘ Study your products and services.
โ˜‘ Work on a blog post.
โ˜‘ Stay up-to-date on the social media industry
โ˜‘ Plan and schedule posts in the calendar for the next day.
โ˜‘ Monitor the competition

๐Ÿ—“ Weekly Checklist

โ˜‘ Engage with marketing partners
โ˜‘ Engage with Thought leaders
โ˜‘ Discuss integrated tactics with your team.
โ˜‘ Research Trends in social media industry
โ˜‘ Run & Review social analytics
โ˜‘ Encourage sharing through Employee and partner advocacy
โ˜‘ Update your calendar with events
โ˜‘ Create experimental posts to try new trends.

๐Ÿ—“ Monthly Checklist

โ˜‘ Review Products and services
โ˜‘ Review social media efforts what works and what doesn’t
โ˜‘ Audit your strategy and Pull performance reports
โ˜‘ Plan targeted campaigns with other teams and partners.
โ˜‘ Report to your stakeholder.

๐Ÿ—“ Quarterly Checklist

โ˜‘ Adjust your goals
โ˜‘ Assess KPI’s
โ˜‘ Gauge team capacity and needs.
โ˜‘ Re-evaluate your social crisis plan


If you want any more tips and tricks on social media management or have something to contribute, simply comment below or contact us here

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