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SEO Starter Packages For Small Businesses

10 April 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in Updates

seo packages south africa

As we more and more businesses move into the digital age, they are realising how much work it actually goes into attracting customers online. It's one thing to have a website, but have you ever stopped and thought:

  • How do I know how many visitors I get to my site and is this actually improving?
  • How many people that visit my site are actually interested in my products or services?
  • Why are people not visiting my site?
  • Can people actually find my site when searching online?

These are all question many customers have when they approach and its why you need to make sure your site is SEO Ready!

SEO Ensures Your Site Can Be Found By Customers & Google

For those of you who don't know, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. In short, it comprises of a range of technical and content fixes which helps online users find your website, products and services when searching for related queries.

What most users don't know is that Google does not conduct live searches every time you looking for something. Sites they know of are stored in their database, known as an index, which they use to retrieve results for your search. Here's a quick explanation by Matt Cutts, who was Google's head of spam for many years, to explain how it all works:

Depending on the competition in your industry, SEOs need to constantly improve, optimise and add fresh content to your site to keep a competitive edge. If you don't have big budgets to invest in these efforts, the least you can do is get the basics implemented and make sure Google can find and serve your site most appropriately! 

That's why we put together this intro SEO offer to help you increase your online footprint!

Introductory SEO Starter Package by nichemarket

As season web marketers, we put together an introductory starter pack to help you get your site noticed, track your progress and efforts and make sure basic SEO is implemented on your key landing pages. 

The SEO Starter Package Includes the following:

  1. 10 by landing page optimisation including Homepage
  2. 1 Hour Keyword research and 10 content ideas
  3. Optimised Page Titles Throughout your site (limited to 30 pages on non-Wordpress sites)
  4. Optimised XML sitemap & Basic technical Optimisation
  5. Search Console Registration
  6. Ensure Sites Submission & Index to Google's Database
  7. Basic Google Data Studio Report
  8. Free guided service for nichemarket listing creation with high profile link to your website.
  9. Bonus:
    • Free Google Analytics Check and basic setup if no account exists.
    • Google Places Optimisation (for existing listings).

Cost: R 5000

Get your Site Visible with our SEO Starter package

Give your site a kickstart with an SEO starter package from nichemarket! If you keen to get the ball rolling or if you have any questions, contact us here.

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