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Professional Website Tracking In South Africa

So you've launched your online business but you have no idea if your efforts are producing results or how to monitor key metrics for your website.

If this situation sounds all too familiar, then you require the assistance of a website tracking expert. Having a digital business that relies on getting customers online has become a highly competitive industry. Attracting users, seeing where they have issues, which traffic channels perform best are all part of refining your offering. 

If digital has not worked for you in the past or you would like to get started with a more analytical approach to your efforts then consulting a website tracking agency like nichemarket can help advise you on the right measures to take to see results.

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What is website tracking?

Website is the art measuring your marketing efforts and viewing your customer's journey as they interact with your brand to get them to use your services. By leveraging the data collected from custom web tracking you can make better decisions on what to promote, how to get customers to your website at a more affordable rate and improve your time to sale and conversion rates.

Work with a trusted website tracking company in South Africa

nichemarket is an experienced website tracking agency (based in Cape Town) and adheres to best practice guidelines to ensure best practices when it comes to tracking any websites CMS or platform. We have a proven record with improving the website performance for a number of clients who appeal to both local and international audiences. 

We've worked with sites across a wide range of sectors such as eCommerce, B2B services, Community Outreach, Education, On-demand services, Travel Agencies, and so much more. We know how to create custom tracking solutions to fit your needs from lead generations sites to eCommerce. 

What does website tracking cost in South Africa?

Website tracking and data science have become a specialised profession, and while many businesses try to keep this function in-house, it can often reduce the effectiveness of your efforts. By using a specialist website tracking agency like nichemarket, we can tailor tracking service that meets your needs:

  • Standard website tracking
  • Advanced website tracking
  • Custom website tracking
  • eCommerce tracking
  • enhanced eCommerce tracking
  • Mobile application tracking

Custom tracking for your South African website

Getting South Africans to your website isn't as straight forward as it used to be and you need to get creative with your insights in order to understand what customers want. We make use of a host of tracking tools all with the aim of gathering data that can be used to improve your site performance. 

Tools such as:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Yandex Metrica
  3. HotJar
  4. MixPanel
  5. Google Search Console
  6. Google Tag Manager Integrations
  7. Search Ads - Google & Bing Ads
  8. Third affiliate tracking
  9. Email & CRM marketing 
  10. eCommerce tracking
  11. Google Optimize

We will be able to evaluate your site and let you know exactly which tracking options are right for your brand and site so you get improved oversight and gathering of actionable data.

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