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16 Tips For A Patchy Beard

19 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Beauty Basics

Grooming tips for a patchy beard

Many men desire the look of a thick full luscious beard. However, your facial hair does not always play the game. Everyone is handed a different set of cards, but it's not the thickness, it's about how you use it, am I right gents?

A patchy beard is nothing to be ashamed of, and if your beard grows unevenly. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can improve this without having to be a groundskeeper and taking the weedwacker to your face.

Depending on your issue with your beard, you may want to take up one or several of the strategies below or even alternate between them to freshen up your look.

But enough yapping, lets cut to the chase, shall we?

What causes a patchy beard?

Serval issues can cause a patchy beard. It can be something as simple as your diet right through to hormonal imbalances, and even stress. A patchy beard has also been attributed to certain fungal infections that cause facial hair loss in the beard region as well as dental issues and autoimmune conditions.

If a patchy beard is something that you have always had, it is probably no cause for concern and only your genetics.

Believe it or not, but all answers aren't available for free on the internet and seeking a professional opinion may also help you determine the best course of action to get the even lush beard you've always wanted.

How to fix a patchy beard

There are several strategies available ranging from simple to pretty excessive so we'll give you the options and you can make your choice. Here are 16 tips for fixing a patchy beard.

1. Grow it long

Perhaps start with giving yourself a little more material to work with and instead of a short beard, you may want to try fuller longer facial hair. Even if you plan to keep your beard shorter, letting your beard grow freely for a month can be a great way to identify the way the hair grows and where the patches are forming.

In turn, fuller more grown facial hair will help to cover any patches or decide on the best course of action going forward should length not be your cure.

2. Keep it trimmed

If you cannot resist the argue to shave and don't think you can stick it out then perhaps going the other way is the option for you. The appearance of a patchy beard can is reduced by trimming your facial hair.

Depending on where the patches sit, you can trim your beard creatively. Incorporate these patches into your look using flattering angles.

Take your time and start off using a number three, and then go shorter if you like from there.

3. Clean up the lines

A patchy beard can often cause you to look a little more fisherman lost at sea than a dapper gentleman. So, tidy, smooth lines will help to make your patchy beard look more clean-cut and professional. Keep your sideburns neat and trimmed back so that they blend smoothly into your facial hair.

Styling should create a sharp border around the rest of your face. Similarly, keep the edge of your beard neat and clean, especially around your cheekbones, jawline, nose and lips.

Ensure you maintain clean lines by regularly trimming your beard and styling it daily with beard oil and a comb.

4. Manage uneven growth

I realise this may seem like a hassle but keeping your beard trimmed to an even and short length is one way to minimise the appearance of patches.

You are alternatively keeping it full enough to cover the patches. As long as you manage the length of your facial hair so that it is as even as possible, the spots should be less noticeable.

5. Condition your beard

A tattered beard can be the result of wiry, dry and poorly looked after facial hair. So, looking after it using the right products and tools can make a big difference to not just the health of the facial, but its overall appearance.

A good beard oil or beard balm will keep your mane healthy and clean down to the follicles. Use an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and prevent dry skin.

Conditioning your beard helps to stimulate the skin underneath and in turn, promotes blood flow, hair growth, resulting in a fuller, thicker and healthier beard.

6. Eating healthy

A healthy lifestyle and diet is the most useful thing you can do when it comes to improving, well just about anything your body does.

Drink plenty of water as well as upping your vitamin B and C intake. Zinc, iron, and omega-three also all help to nourish hair and promote growth.

Try taking a multivitamin or adding more avocado, eggs, almonds, cauliflower, bananas and milk to your diet.

While you're at it, food such as white meat, peanuts, mushrooms, tuna, beef and sunflower seeds contain Niacin, which has all been known to promote hair growth.

7. Disguise blank patches

If you're desperate for a full facial look, then don't be afraid to break out the eyebrow pencil to shade in smaller pieces. Women have been doing this for years to get their brows #onfleek so why shouldn't the lads borrow a trick or two.

8. Choose a beard style

Choose the right beard style to suit your face shape is important, but selecting the correct beard for your hair type is paramount. The wrong styling could accentuate your patches, whereas the right kind of beard will hide them altogether, or incorporate them into the style.

If you're not sure what type of beard is best for you, you can always seek out the help of your barber.

9. Avoid certain hair growth products

Some chemicals found in hair products are far too harsh to come in contact with your facial skin. Notably, a compound called Minoxidil. So by using these products on your beard directly or indirectly, you are exposing the underlying skin to damage. An issue which can cause dryness and other irritations that can cause your hair to fall out.

10. Keep your beard moisturised

Just like the hair on your head, beards require hydration to keep them in tip-top condition. Having inadequate moisture results in beard hairs drying out, become brittle, and break off. Plus, a dry beard is an itchy beard, and no one likes that! Slap on a bit of beard oil regularly to keep your beard healthy and soft.

11. Boost your testosterone levels

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for beard growth. Believe it or not, there are some pretty simple ways to boost your testosterone levels and thus help in your beard-growing quest.

Any exercise will produce more testosterone, but high-intensity interval training (or HIIT, think sprinting intervals).

If you're not a fan of hard work, then make sure you're getting enough sleep and regular exercise to improve your beard game and your health in general. Sleeping for 5 hours or less per night can decrease testosterone levels as much as 15%.

12. Give it some time

Individual hair follicles grow at different rates, so some areas of your beard may take longer to reach lengths than others. Unfortunately, most men who are developing a beard shave at the first sign of patchy beard growth.

If you've never grown a full beard before, let it grow for at least a month. Allowing the uneven areas to catch up may be all you need to own a thick beard.

13. Taking supplements for better growth

To speed up the facial hair growth, you can also consult the physician and get the supplements. As mentioned earlier, If the level of testosterone hormones and DHT is increased, it stimulates the hair follicle to grow faster. You can also discuss the doctor to recommend you suitable multivitamin's tablets for this purpose.

14. Using natural remedies

The patches of facial hair can be remedied by using natural methods. You can improve the blood flow in the cheek areas can cause the patchiness by using some organic oils. Using oils such as coconut oil or castor oil and massaging the required regions can help promote blood flow to those affected areas.

15. Comb or brush patchy facial hair

Get a beard brush/comb and comb your beard often. Adding this to our routine will improve the skin, increase the volume of hair, and it will also work as a filler to the patchy areas of the beard. It will not only cover up patches but also stimulate better blood flow, which assists growth.

It will also give your newly grown beard a neat and well-maintained look

16. Beard transplants

Consider this an absolute last resort, but cosmetic surgery is an option, and beard transplants are a thing. Start by visiting a dermatologist, to assess if you're the right candidate for the procedure. He or she will determine the patchiness, compare it to the other hairs on your head, and explain the best options available to you.

A patch-up job

Have you been having issues with your beard? Do they still call you "Patch Adams" or "Aldo the Apache"? What have you done about it? Let us know in the comments section below

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