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Spring Cleaning Made Easy As 1,2,3,4

23 September 2018 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Constructive Criticism

Spring Cleaning Tips

As the sun starts making its way from behind the clouds, your hay fever makes a fierce return; and your everything floral looks very appealing to wear again, then you know its that time of the year, welcoming spring. Spring is all about getting rid of the winter layers, shed your skin, get rid of things you've been hoarding and start a new. It’s time to make a fresh start and declutter before summer comes around and you're too hot and bothered to do anything constructive.

1. Start in one place

Freaking out about where to start is a waste of precious time. Gaining control of your household is really as easy as 1,2,3,4. Start by tackling the area of priority, whether it is the kitchen or the bedroom. Finish one area and move on to the next room. A rule for the kitchen cleaning is to always start with dishes. What about other rooms like the bedroom? When it comes to bedrooms, always start with the bed. Once the bed is made, you will be able to make your way around the room

2.A place for everything and everything in its place

The bed is made, what next? Don’t let the mess get to you, you’ve got this! Collect any random items to sort later. Every item requires a specific storage space. The key is having adequate storage facilities. There is such a large variety to choose from. The use of boxes, baskets and containers is encouraged. Stack up the Vu boxes for shoes and other items, store bedding and your winter layers in Vac bags. Don’t stop there, be creative. Make sure your methods of storage don’t take up space you don’t have. Then get to clearing the floor.

3. Garbage in, garbage out

Bring out the black bags! If you are not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel you have not embraced a simple rule; only keep the things you need. Everything else has to go! Sell your unwanted goods online, have a garage sale or donate to charity.

4. The nitty gritty

Those random items should have a home right about now. Now that everything is in its place and all the garbage is out. Sweep, mop, vacuum and polish. What is your foolproof strategy for getting your place sorted in no time? Maybe you remembered something I failed to include. Drop us a line and comment on your top tips for decluttering.

Spring into action

While I could probably ramble on and go into a little more detail I think the average spring cleaner doesn't need to be overwhelmed just yet. Start small and take it one step at a time. I know this can often be a daunting task for many so taking on the beast piece by piece is often times your best bet

Does your home need an overhaul?

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