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What Is A Cloud Developer?

24 April 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Nicole D'Almeida in Geek Chic

What does a cloud dev do?

To truly understand what a cloud developer does, you first need to be able to understand a bit more about the environment in which they work in. The work of a cloud developer can be quite broad, and they work very hard to do what they do. Therefore, you should also understand their role in this environment and what it takes to get the job done - especially if you are considering becoming one.

What is the cloud anyway?

To really narrow it down, you can think of the cloud as the internet - something that is available to anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as you can access it.

More specifically, the cloud consists of software and applications and whatever else you can access over the internet. The software services, applications and data can all be stored remotely instead of taking up space on your local hard drive.

What is cloud development?

Essentially, cloud development is software that takes advantage of the cloud. For example, think of cloud development as a house that requires furniture, design and organising. The cloud is the lot and the house itself, which houses the rest of your software code and its development.

From a service provider’s perspective, with cloud development, you get to choose what to do with the furnishing of your home (aka your application or software) without having to concern yourself with building it brick by brick (the code and cloud architecture itself).

From a consumer's point of view, cloud development allows you to access and use cloud-based software or services without having to physically own the software or store it on your local hard drive. For example, you can access your emails using Gmail without having to install anything on your phone or computer.

Who can access software on the cloud?

As the cloud is online, applications and software that are developed on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, at any moment in time - given, of course, that you have internet access. This means that businesses that could previously only reach a few customers can now reach people from across the globe.

What are some examples of a cloud development platform?

These days, more and more companies are taking advantage of cloud development, and for obvious reasons. Look at Netflix, for example, a company that started with renting out hard copies of their movies to a select number of customers.

As soon as they took advantage of moving to an online platform, they were able to migrate all of their services to one place, and the customers followed. Naturally, their audience grew exponentially, and so did their customer service and satisfaction.

Most people these days have heard of Amazon, which brings us to our next example, Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a cloud platform that uses over 175 cloud computing (or cloud development) software applications. Referring back to our explanation from before, that translates to one big neighbourhood with over 175 houses.

What does a cloud developer do?

As you may already know, developers are responsible for building the code behind applications, websites and software services. They are able to do this either by coding them from scratch or through the help of templates. A cloud developer can also perform these tasks, but they source their resources from a cloud-based platform and specialise in online applications and software.

In addition to the coding itself, most cloud developers are also responsible for the design, user experience, security, monitoring cloud maintenance, analysing and planning of the software. Their job is often compared to that of a software engineer, with an added layer of complexity and on-call engagement with the customers, as well as the software.

How to become a cloud developer

Thanks to the cloud and all the resources that now exist at the touch of a button, there are tons of routes you can explore on your way to becoming a cloud developer - from online courses to attending university.

Is it a good time to get into cloud development?

If you aren’t sure whether or not cloud development is for you, know that you have plenty of time to figure it out. Cloud development definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s a great time to get into it, and the opportunities for you out there are only going to get bigger and better with time.

What skills do you need to become a cloud developer?

Through your studies, you’ll learn programming, API design like Python, Java and Scala, as well as object-orientated programming. You’ll also learn about databases and scripting. Alongside these developer tools, you’ll also learn cloud-specific tools like networking, DevOps, scaling, security, microservices and system architecture and design. Don’t worry if it all sounds alien to you now; that’s the point in studying something, after all - to learn something new.

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