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10 Games That Reward You In Cryptocurrency

27 April 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in Geek Chic

5 Games That Rewards You In Cryptocurrency

With the introduction of smartphones, casual gaming has taken off in a massive way over the last few years. Games like Candy Crush, Gardenscapes, Pokemon Go, Lord Mobile, and Roblox are not only dominating the Play Store grossing charts but are also widely known in most households these days. Adults, teenagers and kids alike, all investing hours into levelling up in their game of choice.

Getting Actual Rewards For Casual Gaming

If you invest the hours, why not get real rewards that you can really cash out. Crypto rewards have now been introduced to gaming. App stores release more and more each day, some with good reviews, some with bad. With many South Africans still very sceptical about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash & Ripple, these mixed reviews scare you off. And we would rather avoid playing these games than wasting our time struggling with payouts, or even worse, being scammed.

I have been dabbling in this space for a while. I played so many of these games and abandoned many of them. And I can confirm that few games easily give you legit payouts. So here’s my list of top games that really payout.

10 Tried & Tested Games That Pay Out Cryptocurrency

Earn Bitcoin playing games

Bling Financial Games

Type of Crypto Rewards: Bitcoin (BTC)

Startup Cost: FREE

Availability: All Games are available for Android but only 1 for IOS.

Bling Finacial is app development company that specialises in creating games that reward players in Bitcoin. They are ad-based, so you need to watch an ad to progress to the next level. Depending on the gameplay you like, there are 5 games to choose from. All 5 games are available from Google Play, and only one is currently available to Apple Users:

1. Bitcoin BlastDownload from Google PlayDownload from Appstore
2. Bitcoin PopDownload from Google PlayN/A
3. Bitcoin Food FightDownload from Google PlayN/A
4. Bitcoin SolitaireDownload from Google PlayN/A
5. Bitcoin BlocksDownload from Google PlayN/A

Payouts: Are quick and easy. Bling Financial payouts straight into your Coinbase Wallet.

Need A Coinbase Wallet?

Use My Referral link and get R147 in Bitcoin.

What we think: If you into this type of causal gaming on your mobile phone, and keen on stacking some stats. Add these games to your daily playlist and watch those satoshis rack up. 

6. Gaming Cointiply.com

Suppose you heard of Cointiply you probably familiar with its Faucet and paid per click ads. Many don't know that Cointiply actually has a gaming facility built-in and arrange casual gaming options from card games such as Solitaire & Texas Holdem to puzzle games such as Sudoku, Scrabble and Mahjong. Some other popular titles also include Bubble Shooter, Word Wipe, Jigsaw, Knife smash, Backgammon, 2048 and Codeword. With over 80 games to choose from, there is sure to be something to satisfy any casual gamers vice. 

Type of Crypto Rewards: Cointiply rewards players with in-app tokens called coins. Cointilpy coins can be exchanged for Bitcoin (BTC) or Dogecoin (DOGE). These rewards can be sent directly to your BTC or DODGE wallet once you reach a payout threshold (50,000 and 30 000) for each coin, respectively.

Startup Cost: FREE

Availability: You can access Cointiply.com straight from your browser. If you an Android user, you can also download the app. I would follow the in-browser prompt and score the 500 coin reward to do this. 

Payouts: Are quick and easy to the BTC or Dogecoin wallet of your choice.

Hot Tip:

If you South African, we recommend sending BTC rewards Straight to Your Luno wallet. This will facilitate ease when wanting to cash out. If you don't have a Luno wallet, you can create one at Luno.com. Use the code: 3DHZ6 and get R25 Free Bitcoin.

What we think: Definitely great to kill time if you have nothing else to do, and why not stack some stats while you at it. Killing time with stacking sats is never a waste of time. 

Farming Birds

Type of Crypto Rewards: Bitcoin (BTC), but you also have the option to withdraw in the fiat currency of your choice. 

Startup Cost: FREE

Availability: Games are browser-based, so you can access them from any device with a web browser.

If you are into low maintenance games that can just run in the background with no obligation to pay much attention to, then these are for you. Simply Buy birds. They lay eggs and your login when you have time to collect and sell your eggs. Profits are split into 70% in-game currency to increase your supply of birts and 30% payout. You can also claim a bonus every 12 hours, so it's worth login in regularly. There are 2 options to choose from here, or you can start farming on both; use the links below and get a free green bird + 300 gold coins.

  1. Coin-birds.com
  2. Golden-farm.biz

Payouts: Are quick and easy to the BTC wallet of your choice.

    What we think: If low-maintenance long term gain is your strategy, then this might be well-suited to your stacking style. It's all about stacking satoshis and long-term growth. 

    Hive Blockchain Games

    The Hive blockchain is a decentralised platform initially built as a content-driven blogging social network where users could mine the cryptocurrency called Hive and Hive Dollars by creating and curating content. The platform has evolved much since its inception, and you can now era rewards through staking, curating, posting, playing games and trading in the truly decentralised fashion of the blockchain. Tokens earned on the Hive blockchain are called HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER.

    Over the past year or two, a number of Hive games have can and gone, but few are sticking around and making a name for themselves. The two I can highly recommend are Splinterlands and Rising Star. 

    9. Splinterlands

    Spliterlands, previously known as Steem Monsters, is a play to earn digital, collectable card game built using blockchain technology. The gameplay can be compared to other card games such as Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, where you build up your card collections, all with different abilities and skills, and battle other players in skills-based matches.  All transactions happen on the blockchain, and players can buy, sell and trade their cards digitally without constraint, just as they would do with a physical card game. 

    Monster based and loads of fun, you battle your way through the different leagues, complete quests and can join guilds if you like. Earn extra rewards by competing in special events and have loads of fun as you build up your collection. 

    How to Sign up: You Can sign up free to Splinterlands here. If you don't have a Hive account, they will create one for you.

    Startup Cost: Sign up is free, as well as all gameplay. But an initial purchase of a Summoner's Spell Book this required to get started. This will set you back about 2 USD and contain all the cards you need to get started on your journey. This is the only obligatory buy-in; the rest you can earn as you go along or purchase with in-game tokens.

    Type of Crypto Rewards: The native Token earned in Spliterlands, called Dark Energy Crystals or DEC.

    Availability: Games are browser-based, so you can access them from any device with a web browser. A mobile app is also available, but I would recommend signing up on the browser first

    Payouts: DEC can be transferred directly into one of the following wallet types: Hive Engine Wallet, Steem Engine Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, Tron Wallet or Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

    What we think: This game is lots of fun and highly addictive. Constant challenges so you never get bored. New cards are released periodically, so there is always new NFT's to collect. If you build up your collection, you can earn a decent amount, cash in your rewards and trade for more popular tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

    10. Rising Star

    Rising star is a card-based blockchain game based on the premise of becoming a Rockstar. You start off as an Illegal busker, busking for change and work your way through various gigs from there. You tackle everything from Open Mic night to headlining at a home town gig and playing at country festivals. As you progress, you purchase more cards to improve your gameplay and help you progress through the various levels. 

    The best part for me about this game is how low-maintenance the gameplay is. You play as much as you want to, and you will still progress nicely. All you have to do is log in to startup your gig throughout the day and watch the rewards flow in.

    How to Sign up: You will need a Hive account to start here. If you don't have one, the easiest way to create one is via Ecency, a third-party app facilitating the content creation on the Hive Blockchain. Go to Ecency.com and create an account. They will send you further instructions.

    Once you receive your passwords go to Risingstargame.com and follow instructions to login. 

    Startup Cost: FREE, strictly play to earn. 

    Type of Crypto Rewards: Starbits (STA) - this can be traded for other tokens on Hive-engine. 

    Availability: The game is browser-based, so you can access it from any web browser on your desktop. Once you sign-up, you will get a mobile link that you can use to play via your mobile browser.

    Payouts: These can be transferred directly into one of the following a Hive Engine Wallet. 

    What we think: I have been won over by this game since day 1. the simplicity and the ease of play, and the devs are always releasing new features to make things more exciting. It might not look like much right now, but with the way things are going, I'll say this is one to watch. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying the show!

    What are some of your favourite blockchain games to play?

    We always keen to hear from our audience and would love your opinion. If you have anything to add to the list or have some feedback to share in the comments below. 

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