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Seeking Peace in Divorce: What You Need to Know

04 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by David E. in Get Court

How to find a peaceful Divorce

Regardless of your views about marriage and family, staying in a loving relationship and raising children is still an excellent idea, especially if it lasts for a lifetime. Unfortunately, not all relationships are the same, and some end up in divorce. The mental and emotional distress leading to and beyond the separation of couples causes more pain than any physical or personal injury could.

You have to think of the welfare of the children and how assets will be handled. Even with the help of a legal firm with attorneys specialising in family law, conquering deep personal anguish is not easy. Is there a way to move past the hatred and have a semblance of amity in the divorce process? Divorce is never sweet, and amicable settlements are rare, but the discussion below might give you insights on some positivity.

Divorce worldwide

According to psychologytoday.com the divorce rate Globally has been starkly on the rise in the nearly four decades between 1970 and 2008. The divorce rate has more than doubled, from 2.6 divorces for every 1,000 married people to 5.5. While this is the average across several regions data if we take a look at the developed market like the US, the numbers are far greater.

Divorce in America

There are 6.9 marriages for every 1,000 population in America as of 2017. The divorce rate is at 2.9 per 1,000. So, roughly 42% of marriages end in divorce.

When you start thinking of collateral damages, i.e., the children, the situation becomes even more complicated. Children with divorced parents have a higher chance of not finishing high school and not attending college. It would help if you genuinely had some excellent legal advice from your firm in Lynwood.

Peace and moving on

As you can see from the data, divorce is has become a normal part of significant populations lives and it's not about breaking up a relationship but also financial and legal implications.

Divorce is not easy, by no means will it be a quick process either but if you do make this decision you will have to take into consideration several factors to reduce stress and strain and have it turn too ugly.

So can there be some semblance of peace for couples in the divorce process? Experts believe that couples can employ some strategies that would make the process less painful.

Tempering emotions

Dealing with the emotional component of the separation should be your number one priority. You might not be able to work through it alone. Seek the help of a professional counsellor, who's ready to provide you with objective inputs about what your pain means and how best to deal with it.

Psychological trauma, the feeling of rejection, or the lowering of self-esteem, are emotional burdens that are hard to carry. Having a conversation with a neutral person will help you become more open and see a much bigger picture.

Toning down self-centeredness

Yes. You feel a lot of pain. But don't imagine for one second that you're the only one feeling that way. Children will have plenty of questions. They're lost and asking questions that are hard to answer, like "Don't you love each other anymore?"

That's pain right there. And the spouse who needs to stay at a hotel or the couch of a friend is also experiencing discomfort. Part of managing the pain is recognising that it isn't just "you," who's the casualty in the breakup. There are other people involved.

The bright side of the legal system

It's tedious and stressful. But the judicial system is there to protect you and settle a dispute that neither party can resolve. Take advantage of advice from lawyers. Be proactive in gaining as much knowledge about your rights. This will allow you to shift from an emotional mode to a rational one. Work with a lawyer that you're compatible with and one who can provide you with honest and genuine guidance.

Organising family life with children

Set the animosity aside and focus on how the children should live a healthy life with separated parents. A mediator can help parties arrived at a common ground. Be open to experimenting on a few systems of sharing the children before deciding on a final one.

Dividing the assets is one of the most contentious outcomes of a divorce. Try exercising kindness, even though it's hard. This advice and the other points above can help get you to a peaceful separation.

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