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Where To Go Zip-lining In Cape Town

16 March 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in The Great Outdoors

Ziplining in Cape Town

Staying cooped up in the house and being surrounded by all our modern comforts are great but we can all do with a little extra fresh air and exhilaration in our lives. Cape Town is filled with so many amazing hiking trails, parks, beaches and more to keep you occupied. But if you're looking for a little extra adrenaline then why not consider zipping from one platform to another via steel cables bolted to the sides of mountains.

Yes, I am talking about ziplining and having done it a number of times myself I can vouch for the blood pumping fun you can have being whisked through the air at high speeds with only a glove to slow you down.

While the safety of participants is of paramount importance, make no mistake this is really one unique way to view the natural beauty of Cape Town and is a fun activity for the whole family.

So where can you "foefie slide" in and around Cape Town? Let's find out.

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1. Cape Canopy Tour in Elgin

Make your next stopover in Elgin where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramas and a 4x4 drive to the starting point. Listed as the second hottest tourism experience in the world for 2015 by Lonely Planet, this is one amazing way to get over your fear of heights!

Visit their site here: www.capecanopytour.co.za

2. Zipline in Plett

A new established in Plettenberg Bay,  Zipline in Plett is situated in a beautiful valley with one of the smallest recognized floral kingdoms of the world. The area is littered with its own indigenous forest with natural fynbos and a variety of wildlife. The Plett zip line course offers six different cables with a variety of speed and distance.

Visit their site here:http://plettzipline.co.za/

3. Ceres Zipline Adventures

Ceres is more than just a place for juice making and fruit but also a region for an epic “foefie slide” adventure. The ceres zipline course is situated in the lovely mountains surrounding the Ceres Valley. A mere 1½ hours’ drive from Cape Town. The Ceres Zip slide Tour offers 8 slides, totalling a length of 1.4km and is sure to test the resolve of many an adventurer.

Visit their site here: https://www.ceresadventures.co.za/

4. Cango Caves Zipline

Less than one kilometre from the world-renowned Cango Caves lies the Cango Caves Estate where you will find the Cango Caves Zipline. Enjoy two twin lines stretching over a combined 900-meter course. The course will take you from the Cango Caves to the valley below while you are accompanied by the estates friendly and knowledgeable guides.

Visit their site here: http://www.cangocavesestate.co.za/

5. Zipzoom Adventures Durbanville

Zipzoom Adventures features two zipline obstacle courses and a Mountain bike pump track in a forest setting on a wine farm in the Durbanville area in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. The estate caters for individuals and groups between the ages of 4 years and 74 years of age.

Visit their site here: https://zipzoom.co.za/

6. SA Forest Adventures: Constantia

The Constantia ziplining course is probably one of the easiest to get to in Cape Town since it is is ideally situated and accessible from all major transport route including the Hop-on, Hop-off City Sightseeing Cape Town Bus. This privately owned property “Silvermist Estate” has a number of facilities including a restaurant – conference facilities and other team building options as well to cater for groups – or individual bookings. The ziplining course in Constantia is one of Africas longest and highest Zipline tours based in Cape Town.

Visit their site here: https://www.saforestadventures.co.za

7. SA Forest Adventures: Caledon

Experience the wonders of Caledon through a unique zipline course. Enjoy stunning views as you glide amidst the lush vegetation encircled by wildlife. The Caledon course will see you towering above the ground the slides range from eight to eighteen meters high.

8. SA Forest Adventures: Hermanus

The Hermanus Zip lines offer a unique experience since it extends from the mountain and over a small waterfall between the Poplar Trees and Canyon. Travel high above the ground (eight to ten meters) the 2 guides will allow you to glide from platform to platform with only the local eagles and bird life noise echoing in the forest. While the 9 to 12 platform slides range from 20 meters to 120 meters and with a safe braking system which allows you to control the speed you travel at.

Have anything to add?

If there are any trails we missed and you would like to contribute towards the post or have another category you would like featured; comment below or just contact us here.

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