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Support Local Distilleries By Drinking Any Of These South African Gins

09 February 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Masterchefs

South African Brands of Gin

Gin has gone through a bit of a resurgence in recent years, it is all grown up and has started to make a name for itself with a brand new image. What started out as a cheap-and-not-so-cheerful backstreet spirit on the streets of London has gone on to become synonymous with sophisticated society as an all-rounder spirit for cocktails, with tonic or even in its most recent guise - straight, on the rocks, allowing for an appreciation of its unique mix of botanicals. Something hipsters can talk for hours about, and gosh, we don't need to add more fuel to that conversational fire, do we?

Gins popularity has not excluded South Africa, and we've seen exponential growth in local distilleries. Locally made craft gins with unique African and fynbos infused flavours are hitting our shelves South Africans love it. 

If you're not aware gin is good for you and what better way is there to look after your health than having your favourite drink and supporting the local businesses, because local is lekker, gin is lekker so why not have a lekker time while you're at it.

So in the interest of drinking local, let's have a look at what South African made Gins are currently available for our tasting pleasure.

South African made Gins

  1. Amari Ocean Gin
  2. Black Meerkat Gin
  3. Black Mountain Gin
  4. Blind Tiger Gin
  5. Bloedlemoen Handcrafted Gin
  6. Cape Town Gin Co
  7. ClemenGold Gin
  8. Cruxland Gin
  9. Die Mas Kalahari Dry Gin
  10. Distillery 031 Durban Dry Gin
  11. Durbanville Distillery Gin
  12. Flowstone Wild African Botanicals Gin
  13. Geometric Gin
  14. Ginifer Small Batch Handcrafted
  15. Ginny Fowl Gin
  16. Ginologist floral Gin
  17. Hope on Hopkins Gin
  18. Inverroche Gin
  19. Jorgensen’s Original Gin
  20. Monks Mary Jane
  21. Musgrave Pink Gin Botanicals
  22. New Harbour Distillery Gin
  23. Orient Gin
  24. Pienaar & Son Orient Gin
  25. Prohibition Gin - Silver Creek Distillery
  26. Rooibos Gin
  27. Six Dogs Karoo Gin
  28. Southern Cross Gin
  29. Sugar Bird Fynbos Gin
  30. The Drought Edition Gin
  31. The Generals Gin
  32. Time Anchor Distillery
  33. Triple Three African Botanicals Gin
  34. Westcliff Copper distilled Gin
  35. Wilderer Fynbos Gin
  36. Wixworth Gin
  37. Woodstock Gin Inception Beer Base
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Tell us your local gin story

Have you tried any of the gins on this list? Which one was your favourite? Are there any gins you think should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below or contact us

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