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nichemarket Is Now Part of The Brave Publishing Network

24 March 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Media and Press

nichemarket joins brave publisher network

As the internet has grown into the massive money making tool it is today, advertising has become commonplace on various sites. Websites have become littered with advertising some practice considerate advertising practices that aren't disruptive to the user while others are looking to make as much money from views as possible. Advertising is a source of revenue for many sites which is why it has become such an acceptable practice, especially when sites provide a range of free information. 

But its 2019 now and users should not be forced into seeing advertising, which is why ad blockers are available for all major browsers, which work to an extent. Now with the introduction of cryptocurrency, some projects are looking to change the way we view website monetisation, one of them being Brave Brower.

Sign up and download Brave Browser today and enjoy an ad-free internet.

nichemarket and Brave Browser team up

At nichemarket, we're always looking at ways to improve our users experience with the site. While ads do help keep the lights on we do understand that some of you simply have no patience for advertising. Which is why we've decided to offer an alternative ad-free experience by enlisting the power of Brave Browser.

We are excited to announce that nichemarket is now part of the Brave Browser Publisher network which allows you to browse our site ad-free using the Brave Browser. Readers may choose a monthly contribution amount which is divided among the publisher sites they visit most. As you brown with Brave Browser your use earns you cryptocurrency which you can use or donate to sites you enjoy using like nichemarket.

Who are Brave?

Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards. Brave is built by a team of privacy-focused, performance-oriented pioneers of the web, including the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla.

What does Brave Browser do?

Brave Browser is a website browser that falls in the line with Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox but with a few nifty differences, it's not here to simply make money off of your time spent on the internet. Brave wants to put the power back in users hands by allowing them to state which ads they want to see, when they want to see it and earn rewards for their time spent on sites or looking at ads. Brave Browser is built using cryptocurrency and blockchain to help secure users privacy and also earn and transfer rewards between users and websites. 

Get started with Brave Browser

We're excited to announce that nichemarket has joined the Brave Browser publisher program and we look forward to helping further the use of cryptocurrency across the internet. Sign up and download Brave Browser and browse the internet on your terms and view ads when you want to.

Become a brave partner

If you have your own website and would like to become a Brave Browser publishing partner contact us today and we'll be happy to help.

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If you have time to spare, check out other partnerships we currently have in the work:

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