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How To Set Up AMP Serving On Your WordPress Site

03 July 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

Setting up AMP for WordPress

Mobile internet usage has become the norm with billions of internet users worldwide opting to surf the web from a Smartphone due to the sheer convenience and low barrier to entry. While these devices do provide access to the internet they have distinct limitations when compared to a desktop device when it comes to processing power, screen size and rendering pages.

Improvements to the mobile experience have been made with the help of native applications and responsive site UX but Google still feels that it's not the ideal experience which is why they have championed the cause for AMP.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source framework, launched by Google in February 2016, that’s focused on putting mobile performance first. AMP helps search engines render adapted websites for the limitations of mobile such as: 

  • High data costs,
  • Slow loading times
  • Poor content rendering

While responsive design and dynamic serving are options they are often costly to get right and still fall short in some cases as mobile browsers have lacked the benefits of a dedicated framework. What Google wants to achieve is a consistent standard to apply to web pages when delivering content to any phone, tablet, or mobile device, ensuring that pages load instantly and elegantly.

The adoption of AMP thus far

Googles AMP team has developed a new web page format, which is basically a simplified version of HTML, specifically for mobile devices. By allowing only the most performant design patterns and imposing restrictions on resource-heavy JavaScript, AMP pages are dramatically faster the average HTML page found on the web today.

To improve loading speeds further, AMP uses server-side rendering of AMP components, to cache page content on Google servers, so that content reaches the browser as quickly as possible.

The strategy appears to be catching on, as they're currently over two billion AMP pages online, on over 900k domains worldwide. AMP is a leap forward for mobile optimization and theme responsiveness, as now there’s a provision for mobile device experiences that use the distinct code, and remove content that’s redundant on a small screen.

Now that you know more about AMP and its benefits, let's look at how to get it installed on your Shopify site. 

Installing AMP on our WordPress site

Third-party developers have started to support AMP for WordPress with several options already available for WordPress users to try out. Depending on your theme and your customisation you've made to your WordPress site you may want to create a test site first and try out the integration before you install any of these plugins and push them live. 

If you don't care about my warning and like to live dangerously because you're a WordPress cowboy then here are some of the AMP plugin options currently available.


Install AMP

AMP for WP

Install AMP for WP

Better AMP

Install Better AMP


Install AMP WP

AMP on WordPress

Install AMP on WordPress

Getting Google to recognise your AMP pages

Even though these are new pages on your site you don't need to submit them to Google via the search console. The Google Crawl bot will crawl the rel canonical tags and ensure the AMP page is attributed to its parent page when indexing.

I would, however, recommend that you have search console installed and active on your site which will give you an overview of how the crawlers interact with your AMP and report on any bugs or issues it may have with any specific page.

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