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How To Optimise Your Contact Us Page

Optimise contact us page

As the internet matured and websites became a staple for all businesses, certain best practices or standard features of sites is often taken for granted. Two standard web pages that seem to receive very little thought are, the about us page and the contact us page. Which is a concerning trend as both these pages play a crucial role in the success of your online efforts. There are far more lead generation sites competing for traffic and yet very little emphasis is placed on how they convert their traffic into leads.

Having a lead generation site does not mean you are immune to conversion optimisation, in fact, there are plenty of conversion tips lead generation sites can look at to improve their acquisition rates. If you're unsure on where to start or require an optimisation checklist then this post will be your guiding light to pointing users in the right direction.

Enough with the chatter, let's get into it! Here's how you should be optimising your sites contact us page.

Page Title and Description

Your contact us page is an indexable or rather should be an indexable page and users can and will find it via Google. It can be displayed in SERP for brand terms or brand + contact queries. Making sure your contact us page clearly defines what it is and what information is available on it will aid in improving organic click through and to an extent, improve leads.

These titles and descriptions also tend to be pulled in on social media newsfeeds as well as markups in rich instant messaging tools like WhatsApp or Skype. Making sure you have a compelling title and description can make all the difference in attracting that click to your site or to be ignored like the rest of the links on social media or instant messaging platforms.

On page copy

You should never assume that every user knows what to do when reaching out to a business or that the methods are so clear that they require no clarification. On-page copy can make all the difference in assisting users by telling them that they have come to the right place to have their query handled and which methods of communication are available to them as well as information like response times or operational hours. 

On-page copy can make all the difference and help reduce misunderstandings and help manage the expectations of the user.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices have quickly become the preffered device of many consumers looking for goods and services and websites now need to not only be considerate of mobile users but actually create an experience that streamlines the process. Mobile phones offer the additional benefit of allowing users to call directly from the webpage and in many cases making that the focus of your mobile-friendly contact page is a good idea.

Multiple contact options

Different consumers prefer different methods of contacting or interacting with businesses. Some prefer email correspondence others prefer calls while the younger generation prefers to use social media or instant as their method of contact. Offering your visitors their preffered contact method can go a long way with consumers and increase the likelihood of getting them to contact you.

Header & Footer Links

Every page on your site is a potential way to refer a user to your contact funnel and convert them into a lead. Every user tends to navigate a website differently which is why it is so important to ensure that your contact form is available in both the header and footer of your site. By making these links universally avaiable you ensure that a visitor never has to look too far to find out how to reach you.

Contextual links

When writing copy for landing pages or blog posts its important to pick out a contextual call to action. These keywords make for ideal non-intrusive ways to suggest a user should reach out to you. These contextual links are subtle hints that help push users deeper down the funnel and provide new and unique ways of getting users to your contact us page.

Call to actions

I cannot stress this one enough, landing pages, as well as blog posts, should always have a strong call to action. Every page on your site serves 2 main purposes, to educate the user and to get them to reach out to you. While some appreciate the contextual subtle approach others may need a hard push towards your contact page. Make sure you have a strong call to actions placed strategically on both landing pages and blog pages to capture the eye and drive the user to click towards your conversion funnel.

Track your leads

This may seem like a given but I'm often surprised at how many websites do not track the various contact methods on their site. If you have a fully kitted out contact us page you need to make sure the various contact methods are tracked such as:

  • Contact forms
  • Click to call links
  • Click to mail links
  • Click to IM links IE Skype, Discord, Telegram, Facebook Messenger
  • On-site chat
  • Chatbot engagements
  • Social media accounts

By tracking the various options you can see which ones users prefer and attempt to structure your page that it caters to the preffered contact methods first and ensure you capture the bulk of your leads with the best performing contact method.

A/B testing

Now that you have all the essential elements that make up a fully equipped contact us page its time to review how your visitors react to changes. Instead of making changes that could have an overall effect on your sites conversion rate rather look at setting up A/B tests to see which changes result in positive and which result in negative changes.

You can also look at how changes on mobile affect users vs changes on a desktop and ensure you provide the best experience possible on both device formats.

Make sure you stay in contact

Your contact page is the final step in the process of converting traffic into a lead and you should take the utmost care in making sure that it is the most effective and streamlined process that takes into consideration all user contact needs. In doing so not only will your general site performance increase but all traffic from various channels should start to see a welcomed improvement in conversion rate. 

Tell us your small business story

Have you been frustrated with getting leads for your business? How did you or the company overcome it? Are there any tips you would like to share on reducing business expenses and practising a lean methodology? Share it with us in the comments.

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