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19 Website Uptime Monitoring Tools

19 October 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

site downtime monitoring tools

Having a website is one thing but keeping it running smoothly and serving an increased volume of traffic is a completely different story. You simply never know when your site could go down and any website owner or administrator needs to ensure proper alerting is in place. That way you can react quickly and effectively once you get notified when the website is not available.

Receiving website’s availability notifications are a critical part of a business; since we can’t stare at the monitor for all the time. Larger sites who run their servers set up a command centre for this purpose. These command centres are used by a monitoring team to keep track of their web applications uptime and respond effectively. Setting up a command centre is not feasible for the small-medium business, non-profit organisation or personal blogger but there are tools you can use to get the same result.

If you would like to set up website downtime monitoring for your site you may want to check out the following services.

1. Uptrends

Uptrends monitor your site from multiple locations and will notify you through email when it is broken. It offers you a customisable dashboard where you can see various essential metrics of your site.

  • Availability chart
  • Error breakdown by types
  • Total time is taken to load graph

You can also export the data in PDF or excel which is great if you require reports for sites you manage on behalf of clients. The great thing is you can get it started in FREE.

2. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is perfect for those who manage multiple sites as it lets you monitor up to 50 sites with an interval of 5 minutes check-in for FREE. Uptime Robot also helps you to monitor the ports for files and email that means you can get notified when service like FTP, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP or custom port goes down.

Additionally, you can also perform a basic level of defacement monitoring by monitoring keyword on a page to alert if exist or not exist.

3. Uptime

Uptime is ideal for those who plan to scale their site and is enterprise-ready site availability and performance monitoring with tons of features. Uptime is capable of monitoring SSH, DNS, Ping, POP, IMAP ports and provides detailed response time reporting from more than 30 locations worldwide.

Uptime also performs essential security checks and will notify you of any issues immediately via Email, SMS, Push notification, Twitter and more.


Uptimia offers webmasters uptime checks at 5 minutes interval from 5 data centres and notifies you of any issues immediately through email when using their free account. They Uptimia also has its own dashboard shows average response time with each technical check like DNS, Connects, Send, Wait, and Receive.

5. Binary Canary

Binary Canary lets you monitor your website in 15 minutes frequency and notify when your site is not reachable. The service allows you to monitor HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and more.

6. AppBeat

AppBeat lets users monitor their sites uptime n 5 minutes of interval and historical data saved for a month. AppBeat notifies you 100 times in a month under the FREE account and offers integration with Slack or pager duty.

7. Happy Apps

Happy Apps is an uptime monitoring tool you can use to check on various sites or apps. It has support for Redis, MongoDB, elastic search, ping, socket and more. The app offers easy to understand reporting where you can check availability, response time an incident report.

You can set up alerts (SMS & Email) with ease, and along with its unique noise reduction technology. The app can cut out unnecessary alerts by consolidating related incidents, muting systems with known issues, and minimising false positives.

8. Freshping

Freshping by freshworks provides you with a free account, but it only lets you monitor 50 URLs from 10 locations worldwide. Freshping is an all-in-one site availability monitoring solution with the following features. The free plans data is restricted to six months.

9. Pingbreak

Pingbreak is a new service and can be set up to notify on Twitter, Discord and a few more applications. Using its free account, you can monitor up to 20 URLs with a one-minute interval.

10. WebGazer

WebGazer is ideal for those who offer API's to other sites. Using the standard site monitoring features, you get access to a complete dashboard with stats. The website but you can monitor cron jobs, IoT devices and scheduled tasks too to get instant downtime notification.


Now that you have solutions to your website monitoring, I hope any of the above tools help you to monitor your website. So you can be proactive in getting your site up and running sooner and not lose out on precious web traffic.

11. Pingdom

Pingdom will help you gain instant insights into your website's availability and performance in real-time. To ensure that you can outsmart the competition, reduce your downtime and review data with an amazing end-user experience. Unfortunately, there is no FREE Plan available now only a 14-day free trial.

12. Updown

An online service that checks your website's status by periodically sending an HTTP HEAD request to the URL of your choice. If it finds that you're header request does not return a 200 It then notifies you by email or SMS when your website is not responding correctly.

13. StatusCake

StatusCake is a highly accurate global website monitoring tool used by thousands of customers. Their claim to fame is having no false positives and provide a lot more than just another uptime monitoring tool. They also offer notifications via Slack, Zapier, PagerDuty, and more. Some of their clients include Netflix, Go Daddy, DuckDuckGo, Google, EA, and NASA.

14. New Relic

Having been around since 2008 New Relic is very well known in the performance and developer community. New Relic gives you deep performance analytics for every part of your software environment. You can easily view and analyse massive amounts of data and gain actionable insights in real-time. They do provide uptime alerts and availability reporting as part of the Synthetics product.

15. Monitis

Monitis is an all-in-one monitoring platform that has been around 2006. They offer a website, network, cloud, server, application, and custom monitoring services, all available from one dashboard.

16. StatusOk

Shot to fame after its feature on product hunt. StatusOK recently launched and is an open-source self-hosted solution to monitor your website's uptime and APIs.

17. Site24x7

Site24x7 offers offer website monitoring, server monitoring, and application monitoring services and one of the oldest monitoring tools available, having been around since 2006. Currently owned by Zoho they have been used by sites such as Groupon, Getty Images, Xerox, and Harley-Davidson.

18. Montastic.com

Montastic is a basic notification tool which is popular among webmasters seeking a free solution. Ideal for small businesses or individuals Montastic doesn't offer a dashboard but does provide notifications. It checks your site in 30-minute intervals.

19. Host-Tracker.com

HostTracker is a website monitoring service that offers a wide choice of testing instruments. Simple multi-protocol monitoring can help to keep an eye on a personal site, local network or file server. It could also warn the client if his domain or SSL certificate is about to expire, or if the site has been listed in DNS blacklists for some reason. Notification methods are available: email, SMS, Skype, Hangouts, voice call, HTTP post request.

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