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20 Deal Sites for the Penny-wise South African

11 March 2018 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in Shopaholics

Deal sites in South Africa

The economy is tight and the month seems to be getting longer each year and now with Vat increasing to 15% on the first of April 2018, South Africans are looking for ways to improve their budgeting techniques without compromising on the luxuries we are used to. One sure money-saving tip is to wait until items are discounted and go on sale before making your purchase. But sometimes you don't want and retail therapy needs have to be met immediately.

Deal and clearance sites in South Africa

Deal sites have grown increasingly popular in South Africa over the past couple of years. Starting with the rise of Groupon, competitors followed suit to bring the public the best prices on popular goods, accommodation and services.

Clearance sites soon joined the party and give South Africans easy access to an overrun stock of the past seasons. Not only do these sites help us save hundreds of Rands on good quality merchandise from reputable brands, they all have eCommerce functionality which makes purchases quick and easy.

Every day is Black Friday with these popular online deal sites

To make it easy, we have compiled a list of the most reputable deal and clearance sites online. Now you don't have to wait until November to indulge in your favourite Black Friday Deals.

  1. Hyperli
  2. Daddy's Deals
  3. Flook
  4. One Day Only
  5. iDeal Direct
  6. Wiki Deals
  7. Runway Sale
  8. Deal Zone
  9. Deal Africa
  10. Catch of the Day
  11. Lekka Deals
  12. Twixxly
  13. Dealzilla
  14. Sports Clearance
  15. Bargain Buys
  16. The entertainer
  17. Wantitall
  18. Deal a Day
  19. Varsity Vibes
  20. Online Bargains

Shop at your local retailer too

If you're looking retailers check out our growing list of retail stores 

    Get started with nichemarket

    Registering your retail or deals store with nichemarket is easy, all you will need to do is head over to our sign up form and follow the instructions. Remember the more information you provide about your business the better chance of users finding you and grabbing their attention. Create your free listing with us, at nichemarket we're always looking for South African retail stores to join our community.

    If you require a more detailed guide on how to create your profile or your listing, then we highly recommend you check out the following articles.

    Contact us

    We'd love to hear from you! If you have anymore Discount sites to share with South Africa, just comment below or contact us here

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