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Why Blue Light Glasses Are A Must For Digital Nomads

22 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Temping

getting blue light glasses

The internet has brought with it a new set of opportunities as well as a new set of challenges. While some have embraced it with open arms, others are still suffering from technophobia. Those who have taken a chance on technology and living a digital lifestyle are often referred to as digital nomads.  These are freelancers who make up their working hours and complete tasks for clients and businesses remotely with only a laptop and an internet connection.

As more money gets pumped into the online space from AI, Blockchain, Fintech, IoT, digital marketing and more, we're seeing more skilled labour opting to go nomadic.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue-light blocking glasses have filters in their lenses that block or absorb the blue light and in some cases UV light, from getting through. That means if you use these glasses when looking at a screen typically on your laptop or Smartphone, especially after dark, they can help reduce exposure to blue light waves that can keep you awake.

What do blue light glasses do?

Since our eyes aren't good at filtering out blue light and we're now artificially creating these light waves after dark our brains do not get the correct signals to indicate that it is time to rest. By eliminating the blue light waves, you can sort of trick your brain into realising that it is after dark and produce the correct hormones needed for a wind-down and provide you with a good nights rest.

How blue light glasses can help digital nomads

Digital nomads typically spend considerable amounts of time on a digital device, and this can extend well past traditional office ours and times due to various deadlines or time zone issues.

If your skills require you to use a digital device ask yourself:

  • Do you regularly use digital screens?
  • Do you ever suffer from eye strain?
  • Do ever have trouble sleeping after using technology?

If you only suffer from eye strain, you can try the 20-20-20 rule before investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses. It can help you rest your eyes during prolonged screen time by taking regular breaks.

Likewise, if sleep is the main problem you might want to try other methods to promote healthy sleep. Meditation may help you calm your mind so you can fall asleep more easily. And, try not to use screens directly before bed.

If you're looking for another solution or the ones previously mentioned don't work well enough for you then blue light blocking glasses may help with both issues if you use a screen regularly.

1. Working in different time zones

Digital nomads often work with companies and clients from all over the world, all sitting in their time zones and all with their deadlines. While it maybe 1 pm for them it could be an early evening for you and meeting deadlines could see you working late into the evening.

Using blue light blocking glasses can help reduce the effects of these light night work sessions and once its time to send off that final email, you'll still be able to get a sound night of sleep directly after you shut down for ht evening. 

2. The strain on your eyes

Since digital nomads primarily earn their wage through the use of a digital device, namely a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone for extended periods, this can put a serious strain on your eyes especially when breaks arent taken in between. This strain can lead to unnecessary stress, headaches and poor cognitive function over time. 

Reducing the strain on your eyes will ensure that you're binge working doesn't always get the best of you.

3. Work-life balance

Since digital nomads don't have a set schedule, they can be travelling and exploring their adopted nation, or they're sitting down and powering through task boards and assigned tickets. When you don't have a set structure or work comes in certain cycles you can often find yourself in a space where you have to forgo the usual routine and put in hours of work consistently to meet deadlines.

To help you during workload spikes, blue light glasses can ensure that you don't stay awake too long and try to pull allnighters that don't get you anywhere. The glasses can also help reduce the strain on your eyes from long spells, as mentioned earlier.

4. Getting regular exercise

Through the use of blue light glasses, you will be able to get a better night to sleep regularly, this will leave you well rested with more energy. Which in turn can be used to either explore and get some fresh air or do some exercise. The more regular exercise you get, the better your mind and body will perform and the better your output of work. 

5. Eating a balanced diet

When we don't sleep well, we don't have the energy we need, when we don't have the energy we turn to food and drink to give us the boost we require to get us through the day. This can often involve spiking your body with sugar and caffeine instead of slow-burning energy-producing foods. This unhealthy eating will only serve to have a knock-on effect, and once you crash, you'll have to repeat the cycle.

By using blue light glasses you'll be able to cut off at the right time, sleep soundly and be well-rested which reduces the cravings or dependency for those energy spiking foods.

Nomads still need a good nights sleep

Even if you're spending your time travelling and working it doesn't mean you should sacrifice your health and your sleep. As a digital nomad, your biggest asset and money generator is your ability to work. Making sure that you're in the best physical condition will ensure that your cognitive functions are working at its peak and help you produce the best results and high-quality work for your clients.  

So do yourself a favour and sleep on it.

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