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Prepare For The ACT Test: Exam Description and Tips to Help Pass It

16 July 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Camila Mendes in Academia

Exam prep for the ACT exam

Every year thousands of students from around the world look at the United States of America as their land of opportunity and a place to further their academic careers. For students who want to take on this challenge, they need to prove they meet certain requirements by taking a specific entrance exam. 

The American College Testing (ACT) is an entrance exam that various colleges use to give you admission. The objective of this test is to evaluate the readiness of a high school learner to join college. With ACT, colleges will have one standard data point that they’ll use to gauge all the candidates.

The admission officials will assess standardized test scores together with GPA, classes the student took in high school, extracurricular activities, admission interviews, teachers’ recommendation and personal essays. The Exam Dumps organization is the body that administers the exam.

ACT format

Here are the exam sections and what they entail:

  • English: It consists of 75 questions and you’ll get 45 minutes to answer all the questions. The section covers areas of grammar, usage, sentence structure and punctuation. Additionally, it will test the students on rhetorical skills in style, organization and strategy.
  • Math test: It consists of 60 questions and you have 60 minutes to handle all the questions. The area covers basic math skills that are typical for an 11th-grade graduate. It will test you on various parts, such as intermediate algebra, elementary algebra, pre-algebra, coordinate geometry, trigonometry and plane geometry.
  • Science: It consists of 40 questions and the student has 35 minutes to tackle them. The part measures the student’s expertise in natural science. You will be tested on interpretation, problem-solving, analysis and assessment.
  • Reading: It consists of 40 questions whereby the learner has 35 minutes to complete the task. This is for assessing your reading comprehension. It has four passages that require you to use your referring and reasoning skills to identify main points, find important info, understand a series of events and create a comparison.

Note that every section of the test is scored on a 1-36 scale. Your total score is the average of your scores from the four sections. The maximum score in the ACT exam is 36 while the average is about 21.

Reasons to take the ACT

Many colleges will ask for the ACT exam to identify your eligibility for the admission. Remember that the test is essential to universities for two major reasons. Firstly, your ACT grades will show that you’re ready academically.

Secondly, in case you get an admission, your score will appear in the university's annual ACT database. To a certain extent, the basis of a university’s reputation is on the published ACT grades for its learners. Higher learning institutions, such as Harvard, Stanford and other leading universities, are always associated with a high level of excellence.

It is due to the great ACT grades of learners they admit. Putting all the efforts and dedicating your time to get high ACT scores will help you get admission in the university or college of your choice.

Having a high ACT score and a good GPA is a simple way to win an entry to leading universities in the US. Nevertheless, ACT can be essential if you had poor grades while in high school since a good ACT grade can make up for a poor GPA. Thus, making sure you get a high score is essential.

Preparation options

  • Tackle the questions without any particular order: Taking a lot of time working on challenging questions means that you might rush through the easy ones. Instead of handling the problems in order, find out if a task is doable or not. Start with the questions that seem easy to handle in order to save time.
  • Read and understand a question before answering: Don’t assume you understand the requirements of the question until you have read it carefully. In some cases, the learners will give an answer they remember from the same question that was given in a practice test. Make sure you read each question word by word to understand it properly.
  • Re-assess the answers that seem obvious: If your answer appears to be too easy, it might just be. Make sure you read all the answer choices and choose the most suitable one. Remember that the obvious choice might be a distractor.
  • Answer all the questions: Make sure you answer all the questions, even those you find hard. After all, you won’t be penalized for making a good guess.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the test: Ensure that you know the structure and format of the exam before the X-day. When you are preparing for it, try to learn and evaluate the direction of every segment on the test. When you get the paper, you will know what you have to do in each section. This will help you manage your time significantly during the exam.
  • Have to focus: On most exam sections, bear in mind that you’ll have less than a minute to solve each issue. Therefore, don’t spend so much time staring at the exam room or re-reading the longer passage. Make sure you keep your focus intact.
  • Avoid cramming at all costs: The ACT exam is meant to gauge the knowledge you’ve acquired over the tenure of your high school career. Therefore, there is no need to cram. Just before the day of the exam, have a rest, watch an exciting movie and make sure you have enough sleep. Staying awake all night reading before the test will stress you and bring some fatigue on the next day.

Top web resources for ACT

Practice tests

Test-guide.com is one of the leading web resources for the ACT practice test. You will also have a chance to use the list of resources available on the site for study guidelines and tips. All the practice questions come with answers and explanation.

Training courses

If you feel like you want extra assistance when preparing for the ACT, you can enrol in an online class and get all the tips. Some of the recommended courses involve the Kaplan ACT online course and classroom training.


Having high scores will increase your chances of getting a college admission of your choice. This explains why various resources provide the exam dumps to help you score well in the test. They prepare you to know the design of the actual exam and how you can tackle the exam questions successfully. You can get the braindumps on various websites such as ExamSnap.

Study books

Study guides are also a useful source of information when it comes to preparing for your exam. Some of the most recommended books to look for include:

  • McGraw-Hill's Top 50 Skills for a Top Score: ACT Math
  • The Real ACT Prep Guide (Official Act Prep Guide)
  • Cracking the ACT, 2013 Edition (College Test Preparation)

Final thoughts

Mostly, any student in America who intends to join university must take the ACT test. Even if you scored good grades in high school, you could easily stress up due to the pressure to get a high ACT score.

Therefore, you need to ease tension and increase the chances of getting good grades. You can only achieve this through focus and efficiency. The strategies mentioned above will help you remain concentrated throughout the exam and will ensure you do well.

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