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5 Ways AI is Changing the Education Industry

06 August 2019 | 25 comments | Posted by Kristin Goad in Academia

How AI programs are changing education

Technology is revolutionizing the way we do things in our daily lives. Corporates, government setups, small businesses, the dependency of every sector on technology is more than ever. In spite of the significant strides in the technology sector, the experts realize that there's more to achieve.

The need to achieve more is evolving the technology further, and newer and better things are steadily worked upon. There is a lot of development, and one particular aspect that we have our eyes steadfastly looking at is Artificial Intelligence. There are beneficial applications of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace and at home and even for educational purposes.

What role does Artificial Intelligence have in changing the education industry? Here are five ways it is transforming the education industry to make it more available to every learner across the globe.

1. Administrative tasks

Teachers are busy people, and because of their busy schedule, they tend not to have enough time on their hands to help children who need attention. They have to grade papers, read essays and prepare their lesson plans, all of which consumes a lot of time.

The time used for these essential tasks could be used more appropriately helping children that need help or who have special needs.

Artificial Intelligence has developed programs that will assist teachers with this tedious administrative work. There are Artificial Intelligence technologies that grade exams and assignments; some can even read simple essays and grade them.

This development can help teachers of all grades and subjects to have more time to spend with their students. Teachers can then understand their students better and tailor their teaching to suit the needs of the entire class better. Hopefully, Artificial Intelligence technology will be scaled out and be available to all teachers soon.

2. Digitalised curriculum

Everything is being digitized nowadays as this generation is pushing towards a paperless system. In this digital age, you don't have to go to buy a newspaper every morning as you get it on your tablet or phone on a single click.

The school curriculums are leaning towards that same model at a rapid pace. Students will also not be required to buy textbooks but instead, get them on their mobile devices.

The organization of this curriculum will be effortless with Artificial Intelligence, as you will be able to use functions such as voice recognition to search through your textbooks. A digitized curriculum will be a high cost and time saver for students because they won't have to spend money and time buying printed copies.

This will also make learning interactive and more attractive to students of all ages as they are keener on using technological devices. Another development of Artificial Intelligence will on education is customizing the curriculum for each student's personal needs.

3. Customised learning

Each student has a different approach or different methods to study for them to benefit fully from their curriculum.

Teachers may not be able to customize their teaching methods to suit the personal needs of one person because they have to consider the whole class. This is why the development of the customized curriculum concept was deemed necessary.

It will not take the place of teachers permanently, but rather, Artificial Intelligence programs will assist the students in addition to their primary teacher. The digitized curriculum will be shaped and presented in a way that is custom made for the students learning style and habits.

Custom coursework and college paper writer services are using AI to its to full effect. From chatbots to finding reliable sources to collect information from, helping writer's use correct grammar to find accurate citations, AI has changed the way how students order coursework and use a research paper writing service.

Students with disabilities or special needs will also benefit significantly from this development. Their learning abilities will be boosted, and as a result, they will be able to absorb more information faster. This will also alleviate the burden from teachers of spending extra time explaining subjects that have already been taught in class.

4. Global learning

Technology is well known for connecting people globally and drawing them close to each other. That is exactly what Artificial Intelligence is aiming at doing in the education industry. This is because apps and software that will connect students globally are currently under development and will help those students also benefit.

Some universities already have apps or platforms where students connect and maybe form study groups there. Artificial Intelligence may chip in many ways, including controlling access to those platforms and categorizing students by faculty. This will help students from the same faculty find each other and communicate efficiently.

This method of global learning will enable students to exchange great ideas to other fellow students wherever they are in the world. That interchange of ideas can have both local and global impact on a variety of courses of study.

5. Additional support

Artificial Intelligence can offer additional support to both students and lecturers. The learners may be able to ask questions and get prompt responses to chatbots or search engines. Those questions may help them in studying for exams, which will result in better grades.

While on the other hand, teachers can get additional support from virtual assistants that are run on Artificial Intelligence.

Teachers may get the software even to generate their lesson plans and other tasks that are relative to their job. Both these parties will benefit a lot from the additional support they get through Artificial Intelligence.

Students will benefit because they will get more time to spend with their teacher without those teachers slacking off on their work. Also, students will even understand their subjects more easily without having to ask their teachers questions.

The bottom line

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future for students and teachers. Besides making life more comfortable, AI will also save costs and time, all of these resources may be appropriately used to tackle other problems. The virtual assistants from Artificial Intelligence are the foremost development that all parties are looking forward to.

Teachers will also have more time to spend with students with special learning needs or other disabilities. Also, using an interactive curriculum run on Artificial Intelligence, all students can benefit despite the difference in their learning methods.  

About the author

Kristin Goad is an editor at ivory research review and top resume. Her favourite topics are productivity and inspiration, but she also enjoys writing about marketing. Currently, she is working as a content marketer at zipjob.

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