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Tips For Taking The Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

26 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by John Wruck in Academia

How to pass the Cisco CCNA exam

One of the significant determinants of promotion and a better salary in the IT industry is one's knowledge and experience in technology. The only way to be recognized globally and have multiple job opportunities is by becoming Cisco certified. You can now build your IT profile and continue advancing in your career by joining the thousands of IT professionals who are taking Cisco exams.

Whether you are just starting or you are progressing to become an IT expert, you are building a bright IT future that will ultimately meet your professional vision and goals. Cisco is one of the leaders in networking, and it offers a wide range of certifications for all tastes, from beginners to experts.

Thus, the credentials are available at the entry, associate, expert, and architect levels. The categories in which you can become certified are various as well and include cloud, collaboration, cybersecurity operations, data centre, design, routing and switching, among many.

The aim is to help companies and organizations bridge the gap between hope and possibility by equipping candidates with the most relevant skills. One of the ways of achieving this is by offering quality training to IT professionals.

This article is devoted to the Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCNA) credential, which is crucial for IT experts and aspirants having in mind the present continuous technological development.

An Overview of the Cisco Certified Design Associate certification

As a CCNA certified personnel, you are mandated with the duty of designing a reliable and effective enterprise network, using LAN and WAN technologies. The certification is intended for network design engineers, support engineers, technicians and requires from them a profound understanding of network design fundamentals.

The CCNA curriculum mostly focuses on data centre, design methodologies, wireless networks, security, voice basic campus design, among others. For you to be certified with CCNA, then you will be required to sit for Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (200-125 DESGN) exam.

Always check for the policies and requirements of this exam. Note, that to gain this credential, you need to be the owner of the active CCENT, CCNA R&S or CCIE credential Testking 200 - 301.  

However, if you are training on this certification, you should know that the last date to gain it is the 23rd of February, 2020, as, after this term, Cisco is going to introduce a new CCNA exam.

The changes are going to affect not only the CCNA credential but also the rest certifications such as CCNA Cloud, CCNA Security, CCNA Industrial, among many. Now. Let's focus on the exam details as it's essential if you are going to pass it soon.  

200-125 DESGN Exam Details

To pass 200-125 exam is a must for every IT professional who wants to ascend to professional or expert levels. The Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) exam contains 55-65 questions that should be answered within 75 minutes. The test is usually set in the English language and requires you as the candidate to have some fundamental knowledge in network design.  

CCNA 200-125 DESGN exam tests how proficient you are in designing secure wireless network and data centre, describing the tools and methodologies used in creating a computer network, explaining network structure, developing IP address & routing protocols, and designing effective and efficient network services among many.

The topics that 200-125 exam covers refer to Design Methodologies, Enterprise Network Design, Design Objectives, Addressing and Routing Protocols in an Existing Network, and Considerations for Expanding the Existing Network. However, there could be other related topics that are to be tested, but the above are the most common.  

Since the exam is non-proctored (self-administered online), you need to register for it through Pearson VUE. It will cost you $300.  

How to Pass the 200-125 Exam on Your First Try?

The benefit of taking Cisco exams is that this vendor offers various options to prepare for the exam and pass it successfully. On their official website, you will find instructor-led classes, online and self-paced courses, practising labs, study groups, training library, discussion groups, training videos, webinars, podcasts, and community events among others. These materials have helped many candidates to perform better in their 200-125 test.

Besides the vendor's website, other sources contain extremely reliable information and study materials to help you pass this exam. One such source is ExamSnap.com. It is one of the best websites for many candidates that provides the most accurate and updated prep materials.

It offers a wide variety of free exam dumps uploaded by real exam takers. If you choose to get the verified exam questions and answers, you can find the premium bundle for $34.99. The package includes the checked questions and answers, and a study guide. It's an excellent offer.

The questions contained there are in ETE format, and you need to have the ETE Exam Simulator to open them an start practising. At PrepaAway, you'll find a precious collection of video courses made by highly trained experts. They contain valuable information that you can use while passing your certification exam.

Benefits of being CCNA certified

Global Relevance

Every IT firm wants to have someone in place who can handle any networking issue whenever it emerges. As Cisco is a globally recognized vendor, by being CCNA certified, you become a valuable employee in your organization. Besides, you can find a job in any part of the globe, which is a great advantage nowadays.

Multiple Job Offers

You will not be hidden in a particularly remote corner of the world when you are Cisco certified. There are thousands of companies that make use of the Cisco technologies, and that means you have diverse opportunities having been conversant with the Cisco products.

Thus, with this certification, you can find a job position as a network design engineer, technician, or support engineer.

Guaranteed Promotion

The CCNA gives you a covering that will shield you no matter the dynamics in the IT industry. The knowledge and skills gained during the training and preparation process are relevant to the current requirements of the chosen IT field. Thus, you become the first candidate for promotion on your company.

Salary Increment

Being Cisco certified means a rise in your salary. According to the PayScale website, the average wage of the CCNA certified specialists is about $89,000 per annum.

A place to grow skills

Being CCNA certified means that you can improve your skills by moving within the career path offered by Cisco. Thus, you can advance your skills and knowledge by getting CCDP and CCDE credentials. This implies that you'll take your career to the top and enjoy the benefits it will bring you.


Technology is changing rapidly, and the demand for better and skilled IT professionals will keep rising. The best way to ensure you remain relevant in this field is to upgrade your skills and knowledge. Cisco is your guaranteed partner in helping you to climb your career ladder to the top through offering the most in-demand CCNA certification.

To gain it, you need to pass the 200-125 exam, and for better preparation, visit the Cisco official website, as well as check ExamSnap.    

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