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Why Are Essays Important for Detecting Your Academic Level?

19 November 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Phoebe Hart in Academia

How essays measure competence

An essay is a long text that shows a student's research, understanding, and critical thinking abilities. Hence academic programs require learners to write papers on different topics during the academic year.

For example, they need to prepare an essay about Shakespeare's works, seems to be not that hard. Nevertheless, some students are good at doing it while some face difficulty due to various factors. In this regard, services like free essays online, where they can find Shakespeare essay topics, can save their day and get them out of a stressful situation.

The primary purpose of essay writing is to develop transferable skills that are essential for a successful career. That's why students need to understand the need for this type of assignments in their academic studies.

In this article, we have discussed the role of essays in the education system and why they are essential for detecting your academic level. i.e.;

How disciplined you are

You have to follow specific rules, standards, and instructions set by your school or college and professors while writing an essay. Further, you have to go through a step by step process of preparing yourself, using the necessary resources and information. These are essential things, and they need to be in place before you can start writing a draft.

By taking proper steps, you can surely have a persuasive essay statement, followed by well-organized research and well-structured writings with a valid conclusion. Above all, you can efficiently prove your thesis with facts and evidence obtained by exploring the subject.

In short, the essay writing process makes you understand that most of the meaningful things in life need structured thinking and organized efforts in addition to necessary skills.

However, if you face difficulty in getting things the right way, there is always an option to take help from others. You can look for websites providing free essays and observe how they are written. There are paid help providers, too, and you can approach them if needed.

How good you are at self-learning

When you go out in the real world after completing your studies, you will be required to perform your duties effectively. In that case, you will need to read and take notes and learn to do things on your own to prove your worth in your job. And to get yourself ready for this, you need to have developed self-learning during your academic years.

In this context, essays are undoubtedly useful in learning and practising this skill.

On the other hand, essays help assess various aspects of a student, and that's why they are included in study programs. They are there to test how well you have studied a subject during an academic year and how efficient you are at self-learning and doing things on your own.

How strong you are at critical thinking and analysis

Above all, the purpose of essay writing at academic levels is to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. You are supposed to think critically while writing a paper on a topic. After all, you have to present facts and logical opinions which are new in the field in question. Besides this, your ability to think critically makes your daily life more meaningful.

So, while it's a must-have skill for great results in your studies, it's also crucial for excellent performance in your career. Thus, essays are considered an inevitable part of the education system without a doubt, and they enable educators to examine the academic level of students.

How good you are at communicating

Academic educational programs teach students verbal and written communication in addition to core subjects. In this context, writing assignments, as part of the curricular activities, is useful in learning how to convey ideas and arguments to the audience.

Additionally, students get to know different writing style and language skills. So, when it comes to testing these skills, essays play a crucial role.


Essays are undeniably great means for assessment of one's level as a writer compared to other writing tasks as they require systematic efforts and excellent writing style. When you are writing them as a student, you are supposed to write them for the readers who know the respective subject.

An essay not only shows your understanding of a topic but also represents your skills like critical thinking, self-learning, communication, organization, reading, and taking notes.

In addition to this, there are many other benefits of this academic writing exercise. Thus, essay writing an important part of the study process and educational institutes use it to measure your academic level.

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