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The Benefits Of Getting A MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification

08 September 2020 | 2 comments | Posted by John Wruck in Academia

Microsoft MS-900 certification

Microsoft is a household name, famous for its Windows operating system as well as pioneering Office and other software we cannot seem to live without in the modern world. While that may be what it is known for, it's continued to expand into a range of facets in the technology space as well as education.

Microsoft, as a tech company, has expanded and designs, tests, and supports software and computer hardware and provides IT exams and certifications to qualify professionals for managing their products and solutions.

Qualified cloud computing

One of these credentials is Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals that shows one's understanding of the basics and core concepts of Microsoft 365 cloud utilities. As cloud computing becomes more popular, the world will need more skilled technicians to help keep websites and applications running smoothly and to ensure tools are used correctly by businesses as well as providing front line support.

To ensure technicians and webmasters are fully versed in Microsoft's cloud services, there are several qualifications you can attain to prove your skills as a service provider. These courses and exams will need you a badge can be used to promote your services after passing one comprehensive test, MS-900 by code.

MS-900 Exam details and study options

Since MS-900 is a fundamental-level assessment, it covers core cloud concepts. Its curriculum is divided into four main domains: cloud principles, Microsoft 365 core features, pricing and support concepts, security, compliance, and privacy.

When it comes to preparation, there are various exam study resources available. Thus, Microsoft offers free online self-paced courses as well as paid instructor-led sessions. Also, there are comprehensive study guides on the internet that can steer you through your preparation stage. In addition to that, you can follow video training from a reliable source that can be great for revision.

These passing are usually prepared by the industry experts so you'll have an opportunity to acquire information about the exam and the tested concepts first hand.

Benefits of Being Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals credential holder

From the above grades, you can see that attaining this badge requires a certain level of dedication. Luckily, your effort will finally be recouped in the form of the following benefits:

  • The badge shows your professional commitment and your readiness to go the extra mile to prove your potential. This places your CV at the top of the recruitment list when employment or promotion opportunities arise.
  • With this certification, you gain recognition from your colleagues and peers. This gives you a chance to be a mentor to junior staff and be trusted with supervisory roles.
  • Passing the exam and finally getting certified will give you a sense of accomplishment. This acts as a motivator for you to effective other career and personal goals that you have set for yourself.
  • Most organizations prefer to hire accredited individuals to improve their public relations as a marketing strategy or for compliance purposes. For the same reason, employers are ready to offer such professionals high compensation.
  • Gaining these elements is not the limit for you but a reason to keep up with the rapidly changing industry. It motivates you to be informed about any new releases in your field, and this contributes to future career success.

Microsoft credential is the easiest way to advance and maintain your resume and position. This is because Microsoft is a respected name in the tech sphere and having such a badge on your utilized of the quality of services you can offer to clients.


In the long run, attaining the best fundamentals credentials pays off big time. The perks it brings may not start to show immediately, it may not land you your first job the next day you've passed the test, but it will land you invitations to many interviews, uplift your personal confidence, and unlock other prospects.

So if you are having any doubts about whether to take MS-900 exam or not, wonder no more. Take the first step in attaining the certification and enjoy the benefits it will offer!

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