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How Wide Format Printing Helps Educational Institutions

16 March 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Nicole D'Almeida in Academia

Wide format printer for schools and universities

We always tell students to think big, not small. We want to see them think out of the box, be creative, be inventive, grow. When they do come up with these big, beautiful ideas, those ideas often need to be transferred onto paper - especially when creating group posters or mind maps.

Unfortunately, being confined to a smaller canvas often restricts their imagination, which hinders their potential. This is where wide format printers come into play. Simply put, big printers allow for big ideas.

Print large maps and info-graphics

Larger canvas areas also make learning easier, by enlarging smaller images which could otherwise be difficult to see - especially for those sitting in the back of the class. Printing large maps or info-graphics not only makes them easier to see, but also easier to follow and understand. Being able to print enlarged learning material also offers the opportunity to make the material more interactive and enjoyable.

Decorate your classrooms

You could even laminate large posters and images and put them up in your classrooms to transform the space into a vibrant, positive learning environment. For example, if your students are learning about the weather, you could print out large weather icons and place them on an oversized class calendar.

A happy space invokes a happy learning attitude. When students enter a classroom, their mind can easily shift based on their surroundings. By decorating different classes with unique designs, it keeps things interesting and helps to place the students in a good mood.

School spaces don’t have to be boring. Wide printers can also be used to create ceiling art. Just imagine how uplifting a classroom could feel that has clouds and a blue sky for a ceiling, or a forest for walls.

Motivate students who lack motivation

Motivating students can sometimes prove challenging, however, they often respond to class incentives. Print out large tables and have students work for points. Unlike a table printed on a smaller canvas, large tables mean that it can be seen by all the students from wherever they are in the class. These often serve as a gentle reminder that hard work pays off.

Design and print large banners

If your school ever intends on holding any events worth talking about, you’ll probably want to showcase the school, sponsors or event in general using large banners. This can get expensive. However, it will save your school a lot of time and money doing the job in-house, rather than paying a company to print them for you. This is especially beneficial for schools on a tight budget.

You’ll also be in control of these print jobs yourself, meaning any late changes or mistakes can easily be rectified, without waiting for the middleman to get back to you.

Set the stage with backdrops

Alongside banners, wide printers are essential when it comes to planning, setting and holding school plays. You can use them to print high quality backdrops to transform your ordinary space into something straight out of a fairytale.

Another great use for them is to advertise the event itself. You can use a wide printer to print out and showcase event stands, brochures, flyers and posters.

Showcase prints you feel proud of

Not only will you be able to advertise the event, but it will also paint your school’s image in a positive light, using bold, crisp and vibrant content. Unlike small printers trying to do big jobs, wide format printers don’t sacrifice image or colour quality. This ensures that you protect your brand image and showcase yourself proudly.

Print out life-sized study material

Schools teaching anatomy can also benefit largely from owning a wide format printer. For example, you could make science more interactive and memorable by printing out life-sized human or animal skeletons. For the younger ones, print out life-size versions of their favourite animals, a class rainbow or whatever else seeks your fancy.

Create colourful and interactive games

Another great way to put wide format printers to good use is by using them to create games or other learning material. For example, you could print out large puzzles and have students piece them together, revealing at the end an image of relevant learning material. You could also print out learning props which can be used in multiple class activities to create engaging, interactive content.

Scan and share large group posters and notes

With wide format printers, students who are absent - for whatever reason - won’t miss out on group notes or projects. Not only can these powerful machines print on large canvas sizes, but they can also be used to scan and send handwritten work to students at home.

In the end, it all comes down to how creative you can get with a printer, large or small. However, the education system can and will - without a doubt - benefit tremendously from owning a wide format printer.

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