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Reasons Why You Should Install Transparent Burglar Bars

27 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Alarming

Why install transparent burglar bars

South African homes are no strangers to having a host of security features from gates, CCTV systems, alarms, panic buttons and of course burglar bars.

While they are a necessity in many cases, they don't have to be an unsightly addition to your home.

If you are looking to improve the security of your property without compromising on the look of your home then transparent burglar bars could be the perfect solution. These translucent bars can be attached to you’re window frames, or with custom made sub-frames to the walls.

Making it tougher for someone to break in and because they are transparent, you will still be able to see through the window without it obstructing your view outside.

Why transparent burglar bars are an attractive option for homeowners

The bars are solid, scratch-resistant and even bullet-resistant as well. Many people have already installed this top quality product in their South African homes and are very satisfied with the result. Not only with the unobtrusive look of the product but also the extra feeling of security that they give them. 

The high-density polycarbonate bars, provide ample protection. The protection offered by these bars means that you can sleep with the windows open, knowing that your windows have additional resistance to entry.

While the bars are intended for window security purposes, they also prevent animals from getting in and out of your home, such as pets getting out and wild animals getting in.

You can also leave your children playing safely inside, knowing that they will not be able to get out of the windows with the bars in place. 

How popular are transparent burglar bars?

See-through burglar bars have been avialable in South Africa for some time. However, it not a popular choice for many residential areas where the traditional iron burglar bars are still preffered.

Transparent burglar bars are more popular in trendy in coastal areas such as Durban and Cape Town. Holiday homes or homes on the coast prefer a clean look. While residents are reluctant to use traditional bars which block the stunning seaside or mountainside views.

These translucent bars are also an option for office buildings as they provide a high level of security but also allows more natural light to enter rooms.

The bars also make the area look cleaner, more sophisticated and more spacious.

What are transparent burglar bars made out of?

The "invisible" burglar bars consist of polycarbonate – the same thermoplastic used for aeroplane windows and bullet-proof glass.

Unlike acrylic or perspex, which will simply snap when bent out of shape, polycarbonate cannot be snapped easily. While the standard thickness will vary from 5 to 7 mm, and some will come with UV protection coatings while others will not.

The history of polycarbonates

Polycarbonates were first discovered in 1898 by a German scientist named Alfred Einhorn. However, it was neither further researched or applied commercially.

In 1953 a scientist name Hermann Schnell working for a company name Bayer created and patented polycarbonate.

How strong are invisible bars?

While these clear burglar bars are bulletproof, can be pretty rigid when it comes to damage. These bars are by no means impenetrable just like steel bars. They do offer an additional level of protection but should not be your only security measure.

Pros of installing transparent burglar bars

  • Improve the natural light entering any room
  • Make an area feel and look more spacious
  • Secure upstairs windows without the “prison feel”
  • Maintain an open view of beautiful landscapes and outdoor areas
  • Ideal for both small and large windows
  • Polycarbonate bars do not rust and require very little maintenance
  • UV protection for your home – ideal for homes prone to sun bleaching
  • It’s robust, impact-proof and virtually unbreakable
  • Most suppliers offer a 10-year warranty

Cons of installing transparent burglar bars

  • Since they are transparent, they remove the “visible barrier” that acts as a strong deterrent for burglars and intruders and may make your home appear to be an easier target
  • Burglars and intruders can hack or saw into the material without making too much noise and eventually gain entry
  • Fire can be used to weaken polycarbonate transparent security bars quietly (this would take a long time)

How to clean polycarbonate burglar bars

  • You can clean transparent bars with lukewarm water and a non-abrasive household detergent like Sunlight dishwashing liquid, certain tile cleaners.
  • Do not use scouring powder, Handy-Andy or any abrasive detergents or products that contain alcohol.
  • Also avoid the use of abrasive materials such as brushes, scouring sponges or rough cloths.
  • The polycarbonate is a highly resistant material, but poor cleaning habits can wear off the sleek finish and the UV protection over time.

Do clear burglar bars corrode or deteriorate over time?

Transparent burglar bars do not rust or corrode when exposed to moisture or solvents. Untreated polycarbonate, however, can lose its clarity if exposed to the sun for an extended period. The opaque nature of the bars is reduced by ensuring you use the highest quality material.

Are clear burglar bars flexible?

Transparent burglar bars are a highly flexible material. The flexibility adds to the strength because even after a force is applied. The bars can return to its original position. 

Extreme care must be taken during installation to ensure the correct tension is set. The correct settings will result in the bars limited flexibility. Reducing the gap for a person to climb through.

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