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14 Benefits of Installing A Video Door Bell

13 December 2019 | 1 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Alarming

Why you should install a video doorbell

Gone are the days of homeowners having to get up and attend to every person who decides to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Modern technology brings with it a host of new conveniences and consumers can now opt for smart options that make simple household duties easier.

These new advancements are why more people are finding the value in video doorbells and the benefits it provides. Installing a smart doorbell camera is an affordable and straightforward measure that can make your life easier and safer in many ways.

It may seem like a small change, but it's more versatile than you think, as it provides a range of security and convenience benefits both when you're home or out. If you're still on the fence about getting a video doorbell then here are some benefits that may change your mind.

1. See who is at the door

Obviously, the most significant function and use of the video doorbell camera is to determine who is at the door. No need tiptoe and sneak to see who is on the other side of the door. Video doorbell camera feed eliminates enabling you to get a clear view of who is there without even needing to get up and stop what you're doing.

2. Deterring burglaries

Smart doorbell cameras make any house a difficult target for thieves and scam artists. These door to door opportunist may pose as a legitimate salesperson or canvasser to try and lull you into opening your door with a refined pitch. Believe it or not, but this is still a widespread theft technique.

Alternatively, they use this method to check home occupancy, and If you don't open the door, they know you aren't home and will feel much more confident about breaking in. A homeowner can safely respond to these threats from a distance and react by calling the police or armed response should the situation escalate.

Having a visible camera on your doorbell is excellent security against such attacks, with would-be burglars knowing their identities are captured on video.

3. Providing evidence

Footage from a wireless doorbell camera can be crucial evidence In the case of theft, burglary, or vandalism. Front door videos can be proof of a crime and helpful when filing valuable homeowner’s insurance claims. Police investigators often use recorded security footage to help build cases and can lead to making essential arrests.

Video images can help identify an intruder or the perpetrator of a crime in your neighbourhood and not only your home if the camera is set up correctly.

Note: When setting up your video doorbell be sure to mount the camera, so the lens captures the facial features of someone approaching the door as well as extending into the driveway or street if possible.

4. Monitoring traffic

Homeowners can keep track of everyone accessing the house, including cleaners or repair service staff to make sure everything is running smoothly and that there are no nasty surprises with those accessing your home.

5. Tracking deliveries

Wireless doorbell cameras take the guesswork out of home deliveries. Some doorbells have additional features that will notify you when the delivery service arrives or when a package is left at your front door.

6. Screening visitors

Smart doorbell video devices help you to screen for strangers or unsolicited sales representatives or any unwanted guests. So, you can effectively avoid the annoyance and security threat of opening the door for unwanted visitors. It can also be used by older children and teenagers to screen visitors while they're home alone.

7. Increasing the value of a house

New homebuyers are always more interested in real estate that has integrated technology and home security equipment as it saves them time and hassle. Installing a smart doorbell camera could help increase the resale value of your house and make it more attractive to buyers.

8. Reduces Insurance cost

Installing a wireless video camera security system adds an additional layer of protection to your home. Insurance companies love this sort of status that reduces insurance costs as well. In some cases, they even encourage homeowners to use this security system through their discount offers with preffered suppliers.

9. Keeping kids inline

Leaving your kids at home can be a stressful situation, whether they're with a babysitter or on their own. No matter how loudly they protest that they didn't invite their boyfriend or girlfriend over while you were out, it can be hard to be sure. Reviewing video footage through our app on your electronic device will let you find out if you need to have words, or if your child or babysitter deserves your trust.

You may also feel comforted by being able to use the two-way audio ability of your video doorbell to talk to your children while you're away. Additionally, you can also check your live video feed if someone comes to the door while your children are home unattended.

10. Integrating into home security systems

Rest easier. The live view provided from your front door adds an extra level of safety to any residential security system. The doorbell cam will monitor and record motion while you are away and asleep. You can be notified of activity and check what's going on around your property without stepping outside. We recommend using it in addition to other security and surveillance cameras mounted around the property.

11. Offers clear views at night

Video doorbells offer night vision technology so you can view the images in plain sight before you open the door. So if someone comes to the door at night, you'll have no problem spotting who they are and deal with it accordingly.

12. Speak without answering the door

Not only does the wireless video doorbell allow you to see who's at the door, but it also provides two-way communications. Some video doorbells even have a smartphone communications feature, Which lets you address the visitor at the door whether or not you are at home. Keeping visitors unaware of your absence from the home is highly essential in minimizing the chance of theft. This is a much-needed layer of security.

13. Monitor traffic while you were away

If for some unknown reason you miss a video call, a photo is snapped of the visitor and the time and date are logged. This allows you to know precisely who stopped by that day and when they were there.

14. Integration with other smart technology

Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell cameras can be connected to Smartphone or other devices. These devices are usaully compatible with the Windows 10, Android, iOS and Mac OS operating systems available on your mobile device. Each of them can able to notify you when somebody hits the bell or video Wi-Fi camera sensor catch any motion.

Start by shopping local

Support your local security service provider and find local vendors in your area that can assist you in improving your home security systems.

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