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7 Best Mountain Bike Trails Around The World

28 April 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Desa Rome in Athletes

top Mountain biking trails in the world

Do you love to go on endurance treks through the jungle, sweat your way up trails, or bomb down hills on a bicycle? Do you love to challenge your biking limits every new year? Well, if you do, this article will help you with suggestions for some descent, steep, sketchy, and challenging terrains to try in 2020.

Are you afraid that your biking skills aren’t good enough for a new biking challenge? Well, thanks to the continued adoption of electric mountain bikes within the global biking community, it is now easier than ever before to challenge your biking limits.

Electric bikes come with additional power that enables newbie bikers to ride like experts, unlike the highly demanding human-driven units. Your e-bike will also allow you to ride at top speed on both flat and hilly terrains.

Now that you don’t have an excuse, not to mountain bike in 2020, let’s proceed to our list of biking trails that you definitely should check out:

1. Yungas Road, La Paz, Bolivia

This bike trail is popularly known as ‘the death road’, maybe because of its extremely sheer drops, sketchy surface, and seemingly endless downhill. There is only one uphill in the entire trail- the rest is a downhill dirt track. If you manage to do the whole 64 kilometres of the world’s most dangerous road, you will automatically earn your bragging rights not just among your peers but the entire biking community.

2. Colle de Finestre Piemonte, Italy

This 18km road climb is probably the most steeped biking trail in Northeast Italy. The trail runs from the town of Susa, meanders through the Cottian Alps, to the town of Fenestrelle. Professional bikers test their limit even further by climbing another 18 kilometres of the Giro d’Italia’s famed Colle de Finestre climb. It is an excellent adventure to try it if you have the energy.

3. The Old Ghost Road, New Zealand

This 85km journey takes you through beautiful temperate rainforests, rolling hills, and all-around exhilarating adventure. Professional bikers complete the trip in 2 days, spending one night at the Ghost Lake Hut. The view of stars in the clear skies at Ghost Lake is an experience you will live to narrate. Watching the sun burst through the dense rainforest is also a breathtaking spectacle that every biker should experience.

4. The Great Divide Mountain bike route, Canada

Seasoned bikers need more than five weeks to ride the entire 4339km-long stretch of the Great Divide Mountain. If you have no experience riding over long distances but would still love to test your biking skills and body endurance (or to explore North America on a bike), you should add an extra few weeks to the 5-week timeframe. The Great Divide Mountain is one of the longest mountain bike trails in the world. The trail starts in Banff, Alberta and runs down to the US-Mexico border. The trail takes you through river valleys, open grasslands, and high deserts. You will also encounter multiple mountainous terrains and experience different weathers before you get to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

5. Lupra Pass, Nepal

Explore the Himalayas, one of the world’s tallest mountains, on a bike! If your dream is to ride in high altitudes, this is where you need to ride in 2020. But you must be prepared to gasp for air from the “Roof of the World”.

6. Swiss Epic Graubünden, Switzerland

This 333km cross-country single track is an epic adventure that every professional biker world over is salivating for a chance to tackle. Your five-day ride will commence from Graubünden, traverse through the southeast town of St. Moritz, through pine forests and mountain streams, and on to Davos. This trail is touted as the most technical biking challenges in the world.

7. Porcupine Rim, Utah, USA

The terrain here is harsh and unforgiving. The 5km rock drops and sheer cliffs, in particular, are as hair-raising as they are exciting. You will be putting your bike- and your own body- on the line if you decide to take this on.


Challenging your limits and abilities means taking your life in your hands and riding through the world’s most dangerous and most demanding biking trails!

Each one of the trails we have suggested will leave you with plenty of fantastic stories and experiences to share. Just remember that biking can be dangerous, so you must adhere to all safety regulations specified for every trail you choose to take on.

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