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Cosmetic Benefits Of Rooibos Tea

22 March 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Beauty Basics

Benefits of rooibos on your body

We only have one body to live and its essential to take care of it and make sure it looks and operates at its best. There are so many natural remedies for your skin or a replacement for skincare products, and South Africa is blessed with one of them.

Rooibos is a plant that grows in the wild, and South Africans discovered the fantastic benefits of this plant a long time ago. Rooibos belongs to the legume family of plants.

The plant was mistakenly identified as a tea plant, but Rooibos is more than that. The unfermented or green Rooibos possess a mild taste while fermented Rooibos has a sweet taste. The traditional Rooibos is also a natural product that has no preservatives, additives or colourants. Let us have a glimpse at the fantastic benefits of Rooibos for skin, hair and health!

Rooibos is more than just a drink

One of South Africa’s experts on Rooibos, Dr Jeanine Marnewick from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, is leading the field in research into the health benefits. She has looked into the effect of the high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols in Rooibos on a condition called “oxidative stress” in the cells of the body.

Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals – an unstable molecule of oxygen – and the ability of the body to use antioxidants to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects. The more free radicals that are active, the higher the likelihood of developing diseases, such as heart disease, inflammation, chronic fatigue and cancers.

1. Anti-ageing properties

Rooibos is enriched with an excellent antioxidant known as superoxide dismutase. This antioxidant is a unique anti-ageing substance. Superoxide dismutase present in Rooibos helps in reducing wrinkles and boosts the production of healthy skin cells.

2. Prevents skin disorders

The high levels of flavonoid in rooibos help in preventing skin disorders like eczema and acne. You can either drink rooibos tea or apply it directly to your skin to fight acne. It also contributes to healthier skin.

3. Alleviate bacterial infections

Rooibos possesses anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. These properties help in fighting various bacterial infections on the skin and prevent them from occurring again. It also helps in relieving allergies.

4. Promotes healthy skin

Rooibos contains high levels of vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and zinc, which helps to make skin healthy and shiny from inside. Drinking this healthy tea not only gives beautiful skin but also helps to remove dead cells from our skin.

5. Boosts hair growth

Regular consumption of rooibos tea can increase hair growth. Rooibos is enriched with minerals like zinc, calcium, copper, and potassium that not only promote hair growth while strengthening hair roots.

6. Prevents grey hair

You don't need to be over 40 to have grey hair! Thanks to increasing stress and pollution, greying of hair is no longer a symptom of the aged. The high levels of copper present in rooibos extract help prevent premature greying of hair. So sip rooibos tea for hair without a hint of grey!

Taking care of your skin

Having a good skincare routine is not only about what you do on the outside but also what you put into your body. Providing your body with the right level of nutrients helps your body perform the tasks it needs to do to keep you looking as healthy and as youthful as possible

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