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7 Ways Your Lifestyle Affects Your Skin

03 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Beauty Basics

How your lifestyle affects your skin

The skin is the first, and maybe the only, part of the body that determines how people perceive your beauty. No pun or offence intended, but how your skin appears can determine to a greater extent how people regard and handle you. We live in a society where people’s looks determine where and how they can work and associate.

We all want to have the best looks possible. Everybody is working hard to make themselves appealing to the eye even as they try to make the best in their career and social life. However, it seems that we mostly lose in the battle and the quest to look shinier, more beautiful, and spotless.

Although you are trying too much, your lifestyle is giving you away. This article explains seven ways in which your lifestyle affects the appearance of your skin. Read on to find your faultline and endeavour to make amends.

1. Lack of exercises and rest

How much work do you have on your daily schedule? We know that with the present economy, you want to work harder to provide for your family and achieve your goals. However, the more we work, the less time we get for resting and performing various exercises.

Stress is one of the causes of acne. Lack of physical exercise can also lead to conditions like eczema. Depending on your job requirements, you may want to start working on your projects early so that you have enough time for evening relaxations before retiring to bed.

Early morning exercises can boost your performance and body appearance - and better skin. You can buy a bicycle for riding to work instead of the train.

2. Sleeplessness

Sleep is necessary for healthier skin. Lack of sleep causes your brain to stop some fundamental functions. The body tissues and parts also grow better when you sleep. Your skin, for instance, only produces collagen when you are asleep. The compound helps to maintain skin elasticity and tightness.

Doctors recommend a minimum of seven hours of quality sleep each day. In your tight schedule, ensure that you have enough time to sleep for a better lifestyle and health. That is why it is sometimes necessary to hire someone to take care of your daily tasks around the house.

3. Relying too much on makeup

Makeup may help you to cover up some skin patches and other conditions. However, it is not a treatment for infected skin. Because makeup products get into your skin pores and block the natural breathing and sweating mechanism, it can cause havoc on your skin than the fleeting beauty it provides.

When you have some skin infections, the best thing you need to do is get the right treatment. According to Clair skin reviews, one can use the cream for treating your face of Seborrheic Dermatitis. After treating yourself, you will not need to mask your face with substances to look smooth and beautiful.

4. Working or sitting In the sun

The sun provides us with light and heat we need for survival. However, we only need to make use of it during the early mornings and late evenings when the sun is not too scorching. Staying under the hot sun in the afternoons can cause your skin to get sunburns and, in rare cases, rashes.

Whenever you have to stay outdoors for long periods, protect your skin with sunscreen. You may also need to set up a shade to work under to stay away from the hot direct sun.

5. Smoking and alcohol

Smoking is one of the habits that cause the skin to look older much more quickly. The consistent constriction of your cheeks and squinting of the eyes when smoking makes your face skin to wrinkle and sag much faster.

Alcohol inhibits the absorption of water into the bloodstream. It also causes people to pass water more frequently. The increased intake can cause dehydration, leading to pale skin and a sickly appearance.

6. Eating unhealthy

Sometimes it is hard to maintain a clean and healthy diet for better skincare. We often fetch food from fast food cafes where we take lots of carbs and little vitamins. We also get the temptation to eat more proteins to prevent the body from feeling hungry too often - when we are always on the go.

For the best skin condition, you need to prepare your food and ensure that you have enough vitamins and antioxidants. When you have a busy schedule, carry your packed lunch with you to your office. Remember to accompany your food with water instead of beverages.

7. Sleeping position

Everyone has their favourite sleeping position. And there is no definite position that you can call the best. Any place you sleep can affect you in one way or another. For instance, sleeping on the side can cause wrinkles on your face. And that could take some time (a few hours) before the skin smooths out.

However, on repeated occasions, you may end up with a long-term wrinkled face. The advantage of sleeping on your side is that it helps your spinal cord to remain straight. Sleeping on the back can save the skin, but you may need to change positions regularly to make yourself comfortable.

The verdict

Everyone has something they like. Some of the lifestyles are induced because of our conditions and hobbies. Moderating what we do can make significant changes in our lives. For the best experience with healthy skin, you should avoid the habits and conditions that can damage your skin cells and make you look older.

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