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The Best Websites to Buy Hair Products Online in South Africa

05 March 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in Beauty Basics

Buy hair products online South Africa

Let's face it, if your hair ain't looking its best, you don't feel your best, which is why 90% of South African women, and also a good percentage of the male population mind you, will spend hundreds and thousands of rands on hair and hair grooming products each month! No matter your hair type, we all have our favourite products and tools to use that will make our daily hair routine a just a little easier.

But sometimes you want a little! That special curling wand that will add that extra bounce to your hair, or that special shampoo that keeps your keratin treatment in just a little bit longer! Buying products and tools straight from hair salons can become rather costly and inconvenient as they don't always have them on hand and will have to order them. You also limited to brands they stock and who knows, experimenting with a different product might help you find that perfect fit!

We all know you can get your hair fix online from general retailer stores like Takealot, Clicks and Dischem but where do we go when they don't have what we need? Many South Africans don't realise that some online stores that specialise in hair products and accessories and often have better prices and a bigger range of products.

Here's a list of online stories that will help you turn those bad hair days into fabulous hair days!!

Disclaimer: This list does not rank brands/outlets in any particular order

1. HairNetwork.co.za

HairNetwork.co.za is like Mecca for quality products, accessories, tools and service. They specialise in products for all hair types, from Ethnic Hair to Thinning Hair, from top brands such as Kerastase, Olaplex, Parlux, Paul Mitchel, RedKen and more. They also have there very own loyalty program available so you can get that extra bang for your buck!

Visit them here: https://www.hairnetwork.co.za

2. Everything Hair

Everything Hair positions themselves as a premier online salon supplying all the latest hair care products and top brands such as L’Oreal, Kerastase, Joico, Goldwell, Babyliss and the fantastic hair styling range of hairspray, hairdryers and stylers from the market leaders in hairstyling. Get all your hair supplies here from hair care & extensions and products that promote Hair growth and fight Hair loss.

Visit them here: https://www.everythinghair.co.za

3. Glamit

Glamit aims to be the leading boutique distributor of premium hair care products in South Africa, with the goal of redefining how this category is sold in retail space. With the philosophy of "Hot Hair and Beauty" these guys have been featured as the go-to place for beauty products in numerous publications. They also showcase a range of tutorial videos to help you get the look you want!

Visit them here: https://glamit.co.za

4. Retailbox.co.za

Retailbox has been around since 2013 and offers over 3000 products from more than 80 of the world’s leading beauty brands. From hair care, skin care and make-up to styling tools and bath essentials with the finest ingredients. They strive to be South Africas' ultimate one-stop destination for all things hair and beauty.

Visit them here: https://www.retailbox.co.za

5. Hair Headquarters

Hair Headquarters brings you a professional range of the latest hair care products from Hair Straighteners, Hairdryers, Curling Tools, Brushes, Hair Product, Hair Extensions & Accessories. They pride themselves in always having the latest and most up to date range of Hair Products in South Africa.

Visit them here: https://www.hairhq.co.za

6. Hairhouse Warehouse

Hairhouse Warehouse wants to take you on a journey from good hair to great hair by giving you access to their one-stop online shop for all your hair care & beauty needs. These passionate individuals strive to make salon quality hair care products and styling tools more accessible to the public.

Visit them here: https://www.hairhousewarehouse.co.za

7. Hands Down

Hands Down have been around since 1999 and are a leading wholesale supplier to the hair, nail and beauty products to salons across South Africa. Now you too can have professional salon products from leading brands such as Dikson Coiffeur, Schwarzkopf, Indola, Ladine, Amazonliss, Inoar, Hannon, Orly, Artisan, Saloncare, Parlux and Wahl. They also offer expert advice for the design and setup of salons and spas and have an Academy that provides product and up-skill training for hair, nail and beauty professionals.

Visit them here: https://www.handsdown.co.za

8. Nich Hair Care

Niche Hair Care is a distributor of hair care products and accessories to salons across South Africa. Now you can browse and buy professional products directly from them for all-hair-types! They also offer a hair support service so you can get advice to help you along hair care journey to eliminate bad hair days!

Visit them here: http://www.nichehaircare.co.za

9. HairEtc

HairEtc specialises in selling hair care and tools online straight to the public. These guys come from a traditional supplier background and aim to supply both individuals and salons. Thus you can source anything from Argan Oil Shampoo to a Ceramic Stand Dryer. Since launch, HairEtc has expanded into Beauty, Linnen and Animal Hair Care products!

Visit them here: https://www.hairetc.co.za

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