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How to Craft the Ideal Beach House Kitchen

06 September 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Jules Hopkins in Constructive Criticism

Beach themed kitchen redesign

If you love the coastal and beach look, then you may have dreamed of creating a beach-style kitchen. The perfect beach house kitchen should reflect the area surrounding the home.

These kitchens provide a feel of refreshment and revitalization. And more importantly, the spaces should pull in natural elements.

To do this and create the ideal beach house kitchen, it requires a careful selection of colours, lighting with the right accents, and little bursts of colour here and there.

Five tips for creating the perfect beach house kitchen

Whether you are looking to create a beach kitchen in your first house or at your beach house, consider these tips to create the kitchen you have always wanted.

Natural elements

The best coastal kitchens incorporate natural elements from the beach. For example, seashells, beach rocks, sea glass, and starfish are often easy to find along the shore.

Displayed either in their natural state, these items will make the kitchen feel more real. Or, an artist may be able to take these items and turn them into unique pieces of art that you can display in your kitchen.

Additionally, wood, particularly driftwood, can be an excellent complementary wall item.

Consider a butcher-block style table or massive wood beams along the walls or to support the ceiling to provide a natural and rustic look.

To make an earthier feel, add wooden bar stools or chairs at your kitchen countertop. Handmade furniture made of lovely timber will add warmth to your coastal kitchen.

This type of furniture is usually a worthwhile investment and makes a statement, not to mention great conversation pieces.


Though your beach kitchen doesn’t need to be only white, neutral colours will definitely help you to create the look you desire. Clean and neutral colours with pops of bright here and there are the key to a coastal and contemporary look.

For your neutral tones, consider sandy beige, brown, warm grey, wheat, or of course, white. For your accent colours, if you are looking for a warm feel, select yellows, oranges, or corals. For a more relaxed feel, choose greens, blues, or turquoises.

Open shelving

This design concept has become popular in recent years due to its simplicity and clean lines, but also for ease of living. Open shelves make a kitchen feel light and spacious, and if you have dishes that are either white or otherwise neutral in colour, it can create a great look.

When installed by a professional who can incorporate the shelves so that they look built-in, open shelves will create a charming ‘meant-to-be-there’ look.

Glass-doored cabinets

Though we did encourage the use of open shelving, these open shelves will look even better when designed to partner with glass-doored cabinetry. Glass doors on your beach-themed kitchen cabinets provide an excellent opportunity to display your dishware, especially when it complements the colours of your accent pieces.

As mentioned, great accent colours include yellows, oranges, or corals for a warm look, or greens, blues, or turquoises for a fresh look. For a modern or updated look, consider bringing in seasonal colours as a complement to your décor.

Low-maintenance surfaces

Of course, any kitchen needs a fantastic countertop. For a beach house kitchen, there is no better choice than granite.

A beach house is a perfect place to gather with friends and family, and since so many people tend to congregate in the kitchen, you need the ideal countertop. Not only that, but beach kitchens should show clean lines and simplicity. This means that your surface also needs to be easy to clean.

Granite is a natural stone that retains its natural look. It is durable, resistant to bacteria and dirt, and in the event, it does scratch or chip, a professional can likely repair it with ease. Further, granite is entirely flat, which will contribute to the clean lines should be your aim.

Slab granite countertops can often be purchased for $40 (ZAR 600) to $60 (ZAR 800) per square foot. PreInstalled, kitchen remodelers are likely looking at $2000 to $4500 in total.

Now that summer is coming to an end; it is a perfect time to consider updating your kitchen to accomplish that beach look.

By starting now, you’ll be able to take advantage of after-season discounts, and will ensure that your kitchen will be ready to enjoy by the time the next summer rolls around.

Though it can be overwhelming to determine where to start your home renovations, you can’t go wrong when you start with your kitchen.

A modern upgraded kitchen that suits the geography of where you live will not only add value to your home, but it will add further comfort as it will properly blend with the environment.

Most beach houses are well known for their coastal-inspired kitchens. You too can have that beachy look and create a kitchen that can be enjoyed for both aesthetics and function for years and years to come.

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