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Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

12 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Zac Walker in Constructive Criticism

Home renovation ideas on a budget

It doesn't matter if you are renovating your home or just wanting to refresh it, you are probably looking at how a home renovation will impact your budget. If you are working on a tight budget, you can still renovate your home if you are willing to get dirty and do some fun DIYs and restore your home without having to take out a second mortgage.

How to renovate your home by spending less

Refresh your house with paint

You can drastically change the look of your home just by painting a new bright layer of paint. It will rearrange your reality, and that is why painting is the most popular budget-friendly home renovation option. You don't need to be a pro to do a good paint job, but there is more to it than just layering one colour all over your walls with a brush.

Refresh your cabinets instead of buying new ones

Nothing will make you want to renovate your home then having old-looking cabinets. Instead of redoing your whole kitchen and buying all new cabinets, you can renovate them by painting them a new colour and switching out the hardware. If you are not too keen about painting all of your cabinets, you can consider replacing the doors with glass, so you display all of your nice china.

Refresh old flooring with paint

There is no need to spend all that money to get a new carpet or hardwood floors, all you need to do is paint your old floor. You can make fun patterns like the checkered pattern or make it look like you have tiles. Use warm colours to make the room look cosier. A good floor paint job will add a lot of personality to your home for a low price.

Refresh what's important to you

If you have a small budget why not make your favourite place in your more appealing. There are so many smart ways to upgrade your favourite space, from updating your lighting, modernising your kitchen or bathroom, investing in decorations or organisation equipment. Stretching your budget to upgrade your home is easier than you think.

How to renovate your home by spending smart

It is clear that you still have to "spend" money, and there is no way around. But considering we are no Rocky Feller, we have to do it smartly. Here is a shortlist of things that can be done to reduce your bills, as well as being a friend to your environment by saving water and energy.

Install a ceiling fan To save

Because people are discovering how much of a change a ceiling fan makes, it is getting more and more popular. When you install a ceiling fan, you are providing a cooling breeze in the summer and circulation of hot air in the winter. And the best of it all, it will make your room look put together.

Installing a ceiling fan is simple, and most people can do it on their own. Even Though a ceiling fan can be a bit pricey, it will make a drastic change on your power bill, because you will use your AC less.

Install a programmable thermostat

Even Though purchasing a programmable thermostat will be costly, a good model that changes the temperature setting on its own can lower your heating and cooling cost by 200$. Your home will always be the right temperature, and you won't be needing to deal with your home being too hot or too cold. You can set the temperature to be at a comfortable level just before you come home. It will lower your bills, and you will always walk into a nice temperature home.

Some other things you can consider

Buy efficient appliances, turn off standby appliances, install a new boiler, be smarter about water (washing in a bowl rather than running tap), invest in double glazing and monitor your usage. Prevent Future Expenses

Invest in a new dishwasher

Having an old dishwasher will be havoc on your water and electric bills, and it can cause more harm than good if it breaks down it can cause floods. If you have an old dishwasher, it is time to switch to a new Energy Star-qualified dishwasher, because it will help your kitchen look updated and your bills are lower. You can install it all on your own; there is no need to call for professional help.

On the other hand, if you don't have a dishwasher it is a better idea to invest it in because it will not only lower your water bill, it will prevent things like clogged drains or pipe leaks. If that happens before you manage to install a dishwasher, you can call emergency plumbing services to help you.

Install a water filter

Most households have made the switch to bottled water because most tap water isn't pure. But because there is so much plastic waste when you are buying bottled water, a great option that will save you money and make your kitchen look more luxurious and new with installing a water filter under your sink.

Renovating your home doesn't need to be expensive. All you need to do is be creative and patient, and well listen to what those who have more life experience say.  

About the author

I'm Zac Walker, a teacher/writer. I am married with no children yet — a massive fan of researching and eager when it comes to learning new stuff. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and teaching is my ultimate passion. My favourite books are "The Magic of Thinking Big" by Dr David Joseph Schwartz and "The Art of Negotiation" by Michael Wheeler.

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